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The Difference Between Steel and Fibreglass Doors
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The Difference Between Steel and Fibreglass Doors

When it comes to replacement exterior doors, steel and fibreglass are two of the most popular options. When deciding on the best option, homeowners often wonder, what is the difference between steel and fibreglass doors? Our experts are here to help you explore these options and help you decide what is best for your home. 

Deciding Between Steel and Fibreglass Doors 

When comparing steel and fibreglass doors, you will find that they both feature a wood inner frame and a foam core — the main difference between steel and fibreglass doors is their outer coating. Both steel and fibreglass coatings on our exterior doors offer unique advantages with just a couple of drawbacks. To help you understand how to decide between steel and fibreglass doors, this guide breaks down their essential features. 

The difference between steel and fibreglass doors - Brookstone Windows & Doors

Advantages of Exterior Steel Doors 

One of the main advantages of exterior steel doors is that they are very secure. They also have a hard surface that’s easy to clean and easy to paint, and they often feature attractive wood edges. 

Their rugged design is not affected by changes in temperatures, helping these doors to last for many years to come. Steel doors are also generally less expensive than fibreglass doors. 

Disadvantages of Exterior Steel Doors 

Although steel doors are easy to paint, you won’t be able to stain them or create a faux wood look. Despite their durability, they can also be prone to denting if subjected to a high impact. 

Advantages of Exterior Fibreglass Doors 

There are several advantages of fibreglass doors, primarily their flexibility when looking to change their appearance. Fibreglass doors can be painted, but they can also be stained to look like wood. If desired, fibreglass can give you the beauty of wood without the maintenance. 

All high-quality exterior doors are designed to protect your home, and fibreglass is no exception. This material resists warping, denting, rusting, or cracking. With this option, you don’t have to worry about how the Ontario elements are going to affect it. Compared to steel, it also has less thermal transfer, keeping the cold outside. 

Disadvantages of Exterior Fibreglass Doors

You can easily order a fibreglass door with a wood finish, but if you decide to finish it yourself, it generally takes more advanced skills. You will also need to add a clear protective coating over the finish. Additionally, like steel, fibreglass can also get damaged under high impact, but it risks cracking rather than denting. A significant crack could reveal the core of the door and shorten its lifespan. Finally, because of all the advantages of fibreglass doors, they can cost more than steel doors.

Invest in Quality Exterior Doors with Brookstone Windows & Doors 

Need more help comparing steel and fibreglass doors? Contact our service department today. At Brookstone Windows & Doors, we can help you find the ideal doors and windows for your taste and budget. Your home deserves to be beautiful, comfortable, and secure — we can help you find the perfect doors and windows to make that possible. 

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