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Hopper Windows

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Hopper Windows for Homeowners in Southwestern Ontario

Hopper windows can be an excellent addition to your home. These windows allow sunlight to pour into your space and create an avenue for ventilation so that the air doesn’t become stagnant and musty. If this sounds like something you would like for your home, you can turn with confidence to Brookstone Windows & Doors. We offer some of the best replacement window products available on the market, and our window installation services are second to none. Plus, we provide the personal touch that only a family-run company can.

Energy-Efficient Windows to Let in Natural Light

Hopper windows rank among the top products in terms of energy efficiency, security, and infusing spaces with natural light. These products typically involve a hinge positioned at the bottom that allows them to open inward. Because the window tilts in from the top, its design limits dust and debris from entering the living space. Hopper windows remain popular in basements, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens, among others.

Benefits of Installing Hopper Replacement Windows with Brookstone

When it comes to purchasing new home windows, the quality of the product is incredibly important. That’s why we manufacture our own vinyl replacement windows, right at home in Canada. This allows us to maintain a level of quality that is virtually unmatched in the industry. In fact, all of our hopper windows are:

  • 100% Canadian-Made: It’s well-known that Canadian-made products set high standards for energy efficiency.
  • Virgin PVC: This synthetic plastic material is used in its purest form when constructing hopper windows.
  • Fusion Welded Frames: When window seams are heated and secured, they deliver lasting energy efficiency.
  • Insulated frames: Enhanced insulation provides a determined defense against energy loss and higher than necessary utility bills.
  • Secure: Because hopper windows are compact in size, they don’t pose a security risk. Hopper windows are an ideal solution for lesser-used areas of your home since they provide ample light and ventilation while remaining secure.
  • Reduced humidity: If humidity is a concern in your home, hopper windows are a great way to add ventilation to areas like basements and bathrooms. Opening a few hopper windows is enough to vent excess moisture and can dramatically reduce moldy or musty odours.
  • Easy maintenance: Since hopper windows open inward, both sides of the windowpane can be easily cleaned from inside your home.
  • Energy-efficient: Hopper windows employ complete designs that ensure the maximum energy efficiency possible.
  • Lifetime warranty: Because these industry-leading products employ a robust design and use only high-quality materials, property owners enjoy a lifetime warranty.

Choose from a Variety of Hopper Window Styles

The increased popularity of hopper windows prompted manufacturers to expand designs. Along with select standard varieties, custom hopper windows have emerged as highly sought-after products.

Custom Hopper Windows:

Older homes and those with unique architectural designs can accommodate custom hopper windows. By working with an experienced professional, custom hopper windows can be installed into wide-reaching spaces and employ eye-fetching styles.

Hopper Casement Windows:

This style remains a go-to product for basement installations. However, hopper casement windows have increasingly been used in living spaces such as laundry rooms and kitchens, among others.

Double Hopper Windows:

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to replace outdated first- and second-storey products with double hopper windows. This strategy maximizes natural light, airflow management, and energy efficiency.

Single Hopper Windows:

Ranked among the popular basement installment options, single hopper windows remain a cost-effective option.

Select the Perfect Features for Your New Hopper Windows

Hopper windows come in a wide selection of colours, finishes, and hardware options. These include multi-point handle sets, casings, and grill patterns. At Brookstone Windows & Doors, our experienced professional installers hope this information about hopper windows proves valuable. Our family-owned operation earned a reputation for excellence by working closely with community members. If you have any questions about hopper windows, contact Brookstone Windows & Doors today.

Available Window Colours

Antique Brown
Forest Green
Chesnut Brown
Commercial Brown
Canyon Clay
Iron Ore
Dover Gray
Monterey Sand
Windswept Smoke
Commercial Brown

Available Grille Patterns:

Custom Patterns

What Our Customers Are Saying

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“The installers were very friendly and professional. They were on time and finished when expected, including a full clean up. The windows are exactly what was ordered. We are very happy with the whole process and will use Brookstone again in the future.”

Aubrey Deally

Hopper windows are small windows that, when opened from the bottom of the frame, swing inward. They are a popular option for garages, basements, and bathrooms due to their compact size and easy maintenance.

Hopper windows typically open at an angle of 45 to 90 degrees. Property owners have the flexibility of selecting hopper windows based on how far they open. 

Awning windows usually swing outward from the bottom, with a hinge on the top of the frame. Hopper windows operate in the opposite fashion. The hinge is located at the bottom, with the top opening inward. 

Hopper windows were designed with wide-ranging benefits in mind. These include improved energy efficiency, security, increased airflow, and reduced dust entering the space. 

Hopper windows are designed in such as fashion that they won’t allow burglars to enter or children to climb out, in many cases. 

Hopper windows vary in cost depending on their size, framing material, glass thickness and quality, and the amount of labour required for installation. Generally, as the amount of necessary material and labour increases, so does the cost.

Typical hopper windows are one foot wide by three feet tall (30cm x 90cm), but they also come in a range of sizes to suit your needs.

Hopper windows are ideal for areas of your home that are low-traffic and lack wall space, since they are secure, low-maintenance, and allow for excellent ventilation in small spaces.

They’re the perfect option for:

  • Basements
  • Laundry rooms
  • Bathrooms

Ensure You are Covered with a Comprehensive Hopper Window Warranty

Best of all, our vinyl windows are backed by one of the best and most comprehensive warranties in the business. Not only do we guarantee that your new home windows will be free of defects, but we also stand by the work of our installers with a labor warranty. Our warranties last for as long as you own your home and can even be transferred to a new owner within five years of window installation. And, for your added peace of mind, you won’t pay a thing until your home window replacement project is finished and you are 100 percent satisfied with the work we’ve done.

The best way to learn about our hopper windows is to contact Brookstone Windows & Doors and schedule a free consultation with one of our knowledgeable associates. We also have several showrooms conveniently located throughout Southwestern Ontario where you can stop in and view our incredible replacement windows.

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