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Awning Windows

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Awning Windows for Homeowners in Southwestern Ontario

Brookstone Windows & Doors is a local, family-owned, and -operated home improvement company serving homeowners throughout Southwestern Ontario. As a manufacturer, retailer, and Window Wise™ certified installer of premium vinyl replacement windows, we are dedicated to providing our customers with long-lasting, well-built vinyl awning windows, expert window installation services, and friendly customer care. If you’re looking for replacement windows and you want something a little different than traditional hung-sash windows, our proprietary awning windows could be the ideal solution.

Increase Ventilation & Protection with These Replacement Windows

Awning windows are hinged along the top edge of the sash and open outward, creating an awning-like effect that gives this home replacement window style its name. What’s great about this style is that, when opened, they offer protection from rain and other precipitation while still allowing for ventilation, so you can enjoy the cool, refreshing breeze that comes with a rainstorm without having to worry about water getting inside your home.

Benefits of Installing Awning Windows with Brookstone

Awning windows are ideal if you’re looking for a unique accessory as well as improve airflow throughout your home. Awning windows also close and lock tightly, which helps with energy efficiency. When you work with Brookstone, you can expect professional installation and a wide variety of benefits. 

100% Canadian Made windows from Brookstone

100% Canadian-Made

All our products are Canadian-made, so any purchase is supporting the local and national economy in more ways than one.

Virgin PVC windows from Brookstone Windows & Doors

Virgin PVC

Virgin PVC doesn’t just add to product quality. You can rest assured that our windows are free of any potentially harmful substances or defects.  

Fusion Welded Frames from Brookstone Windows & Doors

Fusion Welded Frames

Craftsmanship is of the utmost quality. Fusion-welded, which means the frames will retain their shape and last for many years.

Insulated Window frames from Brookstone

Insulated Frames

Improve your home’s energy efficiency by preventing heat loss and heat gain in the respective seasons.

Energy Efficient Windows by Brookstone

Energy Efficient

Engineered for the highest tier of energy efficiency, as evidenced by their ENERGY STAR® certification.

Lifetime Warranty

You’ll have peace of mind when you work with us. We offer a lifetime warranty on our products and workmanship. 

Choose from a Variety of Awning Style Windows 

Brookstone is proud to offer a variety of awning window styles to our customers. Whatever your style or need, Brookstone has you covered. 

Large Awning Window  

Awning windows aren’t just available in small sizes. While standard sizes are available, they can be designed to span several meters in width and height.  

Double Awning Window  

Why have a single-window when you can have two? Double awning windows offer a unique look at are come in several twin combinations.  

Custom Awning Window  

Do you have unique requirements for an awning window? We can custom design a window that exceeds your expectations.  

Fixed Awning Window  

Like the look and style of an awning window, but don’t care about whether you can open it? A fixed awning window, which does not open and close, is a perfect choice.  

Stacked Awning Window  

Stacked awning windows “stack” panes on top of one another in a single frame. While double-stacked awning windows are popular, many homeowners like triple-stacked windows as well.  

Vertical Awning Window  

Awning windows aren’t just available in box or square shapes, but in rectangular and vertical styles as well.  

Select from a Wide Variety of Features to Suit Your Home 

From an extensive colour palette to different types of opening hardware to finishes, homeowners can select the awning windows that match the overall aesthetics of their home as well as their functional needs. See examples of colours, hardware, glazing, installation types, grill types, and more. 

Available Colours for Interior & Exterior 

Black Texture
Canyon Clay
Canyon Clay Texture
Chestnut Brown
Chestnut Brown Texture
Commercial Brown
Dover Grey
Gentek Sandalwood
Commercial Brown Texture
Dover Grey Texture
Gentek Sable
Gentek Sable Texture
Gentek Sandalwood
Gentek Wicker
Gentek Wicker Texture
Ivory 160
Ivory 160 Texture
Custom Texture
Pebble Texture
Tan 360
Tan 360 Texture

Available Hardware

Folding Hardware
Crank Handle & Operator Cover
Awning Sash Locks
Lock Handle
Insect Screen Pulls

What Our Customers Are Saying  

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Our overall experience with Brookstone was excellent. From the initial meeting with Brian to the install with Abraham, we were completely satisfied. When Brian took the time to explain every detail of the window and why these are not your average window, we knew Brookstone was for us. Sure, we had quotes and visits from other companies, but nobody’s product could compare. They came when they said they would, worked, cleaned up, and were gone by the time we got home each day from work. The workmanship was above par, and the crew was polite and informative as well as within the time frame set out. No surprises. Now that we have had the pleasure of these windows in our house, we get so many compliments, and we can feel a difference now that the colder weather is upon us. In our opinion, Brookstone is the only choice.” 

– Jeff and Nyshea 

Awning windows are ideal for homeowners who seek weatherproof, energy-efficient windows that can also increase ventilation throughout the home.  

Yes! They close tightly and have insulated frames. Plus, they can help improve home ventilation in the right weather conditions to keep homes naturally comfortable.  

Awning windows open from the bottom, or in a vertical manner, while casement windows open inward or outward horizontally.  

Yes! They can only be operated from inside the home and they’re best placed high on home walls out of sightlines.  

Awning windows are operated from the inside and open outward from the bottom up.  

Vinyl Awning Window Replacement by Brookstone Windows & Doors

Brookstone Awning Windows are 100 percent Canadian-made and boast a number of impressive features which set them apart from other similar replacement window products on the market. Furthermore, we are so confident in the exceptional quality of our awning windows that we back them with a no-nonsense lifetime warranty which, if you sell your home, can be transferred to the new owner.

To learn more about partnering with us to have high-quality, Canadian-made vinyl awning windows installed on your home in Southwestern Ontario, contact Brookstone Windows & Doors today. You can stop by any of our conveniently located showrooms and schedule a free in-home consultation.

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