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Picture Windows

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Picture Windows for Southwestern Ontario Homes

Picture windows are as picturesque as they are energy-efficient, perfect for installation in large, open rooms to provide scenic views of the outside environment. Brookstone Windows & Doors offers picture windows to Southwestern Ontario residents, bringing unparalleled quality and service, the kind you can only find from a family-run company like ours.

Look out at Gorgeous Views from Your New Picture Windows

Picture windows are fixed windows that don’t slide or swing open, making them highly energy efficient. They are perfect for areas high up on a wall and also for larger windows, as they provide maximum viewing space for gorgeous, unobstructed Southern Ontario vistas.

Benefits of Installing Picture Windows with Brookstone

The benefits of working with Brookstone Windows & Doors on your next picture window installation include value-added advantages such as:

100% Canadian Made windows from Brookstone

100% Canadian-Made

We only source products from right here in Canada, so your investment goes to support the local economy.

Virgin PVC windows from Brookstone Windows & Doors

Virgin PVC

Virgin PVC is stronger and more long-lasting than recycled materials.

Fusion Welded Frames from Brookstone Windows & Doors

Fusion-Welded Frames

This also adds to the strength and durability of picture windows.

Insulated Window frames from Brookstone

Insulated Frames

Picture windows are among the most energy-efficient of all types of windows, and insulated frames only go to further this benefit. 

Energy Efficient Windows by Brookstone


Picture windows are sealed within the frame and use a high grade of Low-E glass to enhance their energy efficiency.

Lifetime Window Warranty from Brookstone Windows and Doors

Lifetime Warranty

Have peace of mind with any Brookstone window purchase thanks to our lifetime warranty.

Choose from a Variety of Picture Windows Styles

Large Picture Windows

Make your space look larger and enhance your overall room aesthetics with picture windows that can practically cover an entire wall.


Casement Picture Windows

These types of picture windows offer all the benefits of a conventional picture window, but also come with designs to help give homes a sleek overall look.

Fixed Picture Windows

Picture windows are non-operable, or fixed. Fixed picture windows typically have larger and thicker frames.

Sliding Picture Windows

Though picture windows are mostly inoperable, sliding picture windows that open horizontally are available.

Custom Picture Windows

Picture windows can be custom-made to match any room or cater to any design.

Double Pane Picture Windows

Maximize the energy efficiency of any picture window by upgrading to double-pane glass.

Select from a Wide Variety of Features to Suit Your Home

From classic white to chocolate brown, Brookstone picture windows come in a variety of different colours and textures, making it easy to select a model that matches your home’s design aesthetic. Picture windows are also available in 3- to 5-sides Gable, and offered in a variety of grille types and patterns.

Available Colours for Interior & Exterior

Black Texture
Canyon Clay
Canyon Clay Texture
Chestnut Brown
Chestnut Brown Texture
Commercial Brown
Dover Grey
Gentek Sandalwood
Commercial Brown Texture
Dover Grey Texture
Gentek Sable
Gentek Sable Texture
Gentek Sandalwood
Gentek Wicker
Gentek Wicker Texture
Ivory 160
Ivory 160 Texture
Custom Texture
Pebble Texture
Tan 360
Tan 360 Texture

Available Grille Patterns

Modified Colonial
Short Fractional

What Our Customers Are Saying 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Really impressed with this company. From start to finish. Great quality windows. Tim took the time to explain their product and their awesome warranty – lifetime. I’m glad I found this company to do my Reno’s. Highly recommend!” 

Noorie Nash

While both are inoperable, the main difference between the two is that picture windows tend to be larger and maximized to enhance sightlines.

Picture windows are ideal for when you want to bring more natural light into a room or make the room seem bigger. They can also help enhance any scenery outside the home.

Look for signs of wear and tear on the frame, similar to signs that you’d look for on any type of window.

Absolutely! Picture windows are an ideal way to modernize homes and come with a variety of benefits over other types of windows.

Yes, picture windows are among the most energy-efficient window options that you can buy. They are sealed upon installation, feature insulated frames and are also made with a higher-grade glass to limit heat loss and gain.

For more information about the picture windows that we offer, contact Brookstone Windows & Doors today. We would be delighted to schedule a free consultation at your home in Southwestern Ontario.

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