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Bay Windows

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Bay Windows for Homes in Southwestern Ontario

Few things can light up a room like a beautiful bay window. Offering timeless charm and elegance, as well as a number of functional benefits, bay windows are a popular window style that have stood the test of time. And when it comes to having a bay window installed at your Southwestern Ontario home, there’s no better place to turn than Brookstone Windows & Doors.

Maximize Space and Sunlight with a Bay Window

Bay windows consist of a large central window, which is usually fixed, with smaller operable windows on either side. These side windows are angled, anywhere from 30 to 90 degrees, and the window unit protrudes from the home’s outer wall, creating a semi-hexagonal space on the inside known as a bay.

What’s great about the bay window is that it can add extra space to a room, and the angled configuration of the side windows lets in more sunlight and fresh air than standard, flat windows. Also, bay replacement windows add increased visibility to either side of the window unit, allowing you to see almost 180 degrees down the street. A vinyl bay window replacement can transform the look of your space creating a cozy and inviting space with plenty of natural light.

Benefits of Installing Bay Windows with Brookstone

A bay window from Brookstone Windows & Doors offers a variety of benefits. Our windows are of the highest quality, and you can ensure proper installation to maximize the benefits of your window. Other features of our bay windows include:

  • 100% Canadian Made
  • Virgin PVC
  • Fusion-Welded Frames
  • Insulated Frames,
  • Energy Efficient Design
  • Lifetime Warranty

Choose from a Variety of Bay Windows Styles

Bay windows are versatile with several different styles and variations available. We are proud to provide several style options to our customers.

Square Bay Windows

Square Bay Windows

As the name implies, these bay windows are either square or box-shaped.

Small Bay Windows

Small Bay Windows

Bay windows can be as large or as small as you’d like. Small bay windows can be as compact as 3 x 3 feet.

Large Bay Windows

Large Bay Windows

There are small bay windows and then there are large ones, which can take up an entire wall.

Victorian Bay Windows

Victorian Bay Windows

These canted bay windows are typically three-sided and may have their own roof.

Corner Bay Windows

Corner Bay Windows

These are often square or hexagonal and situated in the corners of a property.

Curved Bay Window

Curved Bay Window

Not to be confused with a bow window, curved bay windows are often featured on a property’s first floor.

Flat Bay Window

Flat Bay Window

These types of bay windows lay flat on the walls of properties.

Canted Bay Window

Canted Bay Window

These bay windows have flat fronts and angled sides.

Customize Your Energy Efficient Bay Window

From white to chocolate brown, iron ore to sable, Brookstone’s bay windows are available in a wide range of colours and textures. Our sales team will guide you through the process of your bay window remodel and help you choose the perfect option for your home

Available Colours for Interior & Exterior 

Black Texture
Canyon Clay
Canyon Clay Texture
Chestnut Brown
Chestnut Brown Texture
Commercial Brown
Dover Grey
Gentek Sandalwood
Commercial Brown Texture
Dover Grey Texture
Gentek Sable
Gentek Sable Texture
Gentek Sandalwood
Gentek Wicker
Gentek Wicker Texture
Ivory 160
Ivory 160 Texture
Custom Texture
Pebble Texture
Tan 360
Tan 360 Texture

Available Hardware

Casement Bay Window Crank
Folding Nesting Operator
Sash Locks
Casement Bay Operator

Upgrade Your Home with a New Bay Window

For more information about having bay windows installed at your Southwestern Ontario home, or to schedule a free in-home consultation, contact Brookstone Windows & Doors today. You may also stop by and visit any of our conveniently located showrooms.

What Our Customers Are Saying 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Really impressed with this company. From start to finish. Great quality windows. Tim took the time to explain their product and their awesome warranty – lifetime. I’m glad I found this company to do my Reno’s. Highly recommend!”

Noorie Nash

Frequently Asked Questions About Bay Windows

There are few differences between bay and bow windows starting with the number of sections that each style has. Bay windows consist of three sections, with a picture window in the middle whereas bow windows are at least 4 sections and usually are made up windows of the same shape and size.

There are many options to add privacy to your bay windows with stylish treatments including silk panels, drapery, contemporary valance, and roman shades.

The architectural and traditional style of bay windows can sometimes come off as dated but this is no longer the case. There are many ways to enjoy the beauty of a bay window with a modern appearance. Crisp white bay windows are the perfect spot for a sitting area, study space or kitchen nook in your home.

Bay windows add more light and provide stunning views to natural surroundings. These large windows can be a showstopper to prospective buyers as well as provide increase ventilation and airflow for your property.

Standard 30-degree bay window units typically are 12 – 14 inches deep. Larger bay windows at 45-degree angles range from 18 to 22 inches in depth.

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