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Double Hung Windows

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Double Hung Windows in Southwestern Ontario

Brookstone Windows & Doors is a family-owned and -operated company providing homeowners throughout Southwestern Ontario with top-quality vinyl replacement windows. As locals, we understand just how important it is to outfit your home with durable, high-performing windows that will stand up to anything Mother Nature can throw at them and keep your family safe and warm during frigid Canadian winters. Our proprietary double hung windows are highly sought after for their exceptional quality and the many benefits they offer.

Versatile & Convenient Vinyl Windows to Complement Your Home

These days, double hung windows are the most popular style of windows on homes in North America. Featuring two operable sashes, double hung vinyl replacement windows are incredibly versatile and convenient. Opening both sashes allows hot air to escape through the top while cool air enters through the bottom, thus creating a cross breeze effect with a single window. Furthermore, because both sashes can tilt inward, cleaning these windows is quick and easy and can be done from inside your home.

Benefits of Installing Double Hung Replacement Windows with Brookstone

Homeowners who wish to improve curbside appeal and energy efficiency often select double hung windows. These tried-and-true products offer property owners the ability to maintain traditional exteriors while modernizing homes and improving values. These are reasons why double hung windows continue to trend.

  • 100% Canadian-Made: Products made in Canada rank among the most reliable based on standards and manufacturing pride.
  • Virgin PVC: Synthetic plastic used in double hung windows leads the industry.
  • Fusion Welded Frames: Window seams must be heated and securely constructed to stand the test of time.
  • Insulated frames: The full insulation of double hung window frames makes them exceedingly good at eliminating unnecessary heat loss.
  • Energy-efficient: Double hung windows are widely recognized as industry leaders in terms of reduced energy loss and climate control.
  • Lifetime warranty: Homeowners deserve to know the manufacturer backs their double hung window investment.

Choose from a Variety of Double Hung Window Styles

Double hung windows continue to trend among the most popular options for houses and commercial buildings. But it’s crucial for property owners to understand some of the differences between products in order to make an informed decision.

Twin Double Hung Windows:

This style involves two distinct windows installed side by side. A frame usually separates twin double hung windows in the center.

Double Hung Sash Windows:

This variety involves a pair of movable sashes. Double hung sash windows allow everyday people to slide one pane up and the other down.

Triple Double Hung Windows:

These advanced designs employ three panes with each having a spacer. The uniform appearance and determined energy efficiency make them a superior choice in regions that struggle with inclement weather.

Double Pane Double Hung Window:

Double hung windows that also include two panes rank among the preferred options for energy efficiency and UV light reductions.

Small Double Hung Windows:

Home and commercial property owners need to understand double hung windows can be installed into small spaces and openings.

Oriel Double Hung Window:

This style typically features a smaller upper sash that increases pane area on the lower portion. Many homeowners select this type to increase outdoor views.

Custom Double Hung Window:

Property owners enjoy increased flexibility in terms of customizing sizes and styles of double hung windows. By working with a window professional, decision-makers often discover options that meet their needs.

Double Hung Bow Window:

This style expands views, natural light and generally improves property values. Installing a double hung bow window is a game-changing home improvement.

Choose from a Variety that Provide Both Function & Fashion for Your Windows

Double hung windows remain a popular option because of the proven benefits and select features. These include a wide range of colours, locking systems, and lift hardware, among others. The cottage and reverse cottage sash options are only enhanced by grill patterns such as Colonial, Prairie, Diamond, and customized windows.

Available Window Colours

Antique Brown
Forest Green
Chesnut Brown
Commercial Brown
Canyon Clay
Iron Ore
Dover Gray
Monterey Sand
Windswept Smoke
Commercial Brown

Available Grille Patterns:

Colonial Top Sash
Prairie Top Sash
Diamond Top Sash
Custom Patterns
Specified Equal Light

What Our Customers Are Saying 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“From start to finish the professionals at Brookstone Windows and Doors have made the replacement of ALL our homes windows and doors smooth and stress free.”

Elegantly Simple Designs

The upfront cost of installing double hung windows is usually higher than single hung products. However, double hung windows deliver improved energy efficiency, UV ray reductions, and other proven long-term benefits. 

Casement windows generally use a cranking system to open the panes. A double hung window moves up or down, allowing airflow from the top or bottom. 

The double hung window system offers flexibility many other products may not. Screens can be cleaned easily, and airflow regulated. The leading benefit of double hung windows is enhanced energy efficiency. 

The short answer is: No. Double hung windows come in wide-reaching styles, colours and remain a highly popular product. 

The short answer is: Generally, Yes. Double hung windows generally deliver energy efficiency that outpaces many other products. However, not every space is suitable for double hung windows. Property owners would be well-served to speak with a window installation specialist. 

Exceptional Service & Professional Double Hung Window Installation

When you partner with us to have double hung windows installed on your home, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Our friendly product specialists will guide you through every step of the home replacement window selection process, answering any questions you have. Moreover, all of our installers are Window Wise™ certified so you can have total confidence that they will complete your double hung window installation promptly, professionally, and with the utmost precision.

To learn more about having high-quality, Canadian-made double hung windows installed on your home, contact Brookstone Windows & Doors – the Customer Obsessed. Feel free to stop by one of our showrooms or schedule a free, at-home consultation. We have multiple locations that enable us to effectively serve homeowners throughout Southwestern Ontario.

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