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Custom Windows
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Canadian-Made Custom Vinyl Windows in Southwestern Ontario 

If you want to truly set your home apart from others in the Southwestern Ontario area, you should have custom-made windows installed by the experts at Brookstone Windows & Doors. As a family-run business, we work closely with our customers and give them exactly what they are looking for, all while providing personalized service that is truly second to none. Moreover, our home replacement windows are custom manufactured and are highly sought after for their superior durability and visual appeal.

Made to Order Vinyl Replacement Windows in Any Shape or Size

Our team takes great care to design and install windows to your exact specifications. Let’s say you have an arched ceiling. A custom-sized window could be the perfect accent to complement the wall underneath. Maybe you want a semicircle window over an existing large window in your family room, or perhaps your house takes on its own unconventional shape and you would like custom windows to match its character. Whatever the case may be, you’ll find just what you need at Brookstone Windows & Doors. 

Benefits of Installing Custom Windows with Brookstone Windows & Doors 

We custom manufacture all of our vinyl replacement windows in Canada to ensure that they meet the exact specifications requested by our customers. In addition to a great new custom window, when you work with Brookstone Windows & Doors, you can count on these value-added benefits every step of the way. 

  • 100% Canadian Made
  • Virgin PVC
  • Fusion-Welded Frames
  • Insulated Frames,
  • Energy Efficient Design
  • Lifetime Warranty

Choose from a Variety of Custom Windows 

Brookstone’s capabilities when it comes to custom windows are unrivaled. With our in-house design and manufacturing team and expert installation professionals, Brookstone Windows & Doors can provide virtually any style of window to our customers.  

Custom arch windows

Arch Windows 

Also known as rounded or radius windows, custom arch windows create a high-end, luxurious effect on the inside. 

Custom porthole window

Porthole Windows  

These types of windows get their name from boats and ships, characterized by their small, circular shape. They can also make for great windows in attics or bathrooms. 

Custom-sized semi-circle window

Semi-Circle Windows  

These windows can really enhance the style of any entrance to the home, and they’re often installed above doors or existing windows to create the illusion of height.

Radius window installed in a home in Southwestern Ontario

Radius Windows  

Similar to “arch windows,” these types of windows are unique in that the bottom is rectangular while the top is a half-circle. 

Custom sized window installed in a home

Custom Sized Windows  

Have a specific size of window you want installed? If there aren’t any in-stock options available, customizing is an ideal way to go. 

Custom sliding window

Custom Sliding Window 

Need a sliding window designed and manufactured to meet specific requirements? We can handle it. 

Select from a Wide Variety of Custom Features to Suit Your Home 

Brookstone Windows & Doors is proud to provide a wide range of colours, installation types, and grid styles types for your next window project. Discover all your options when it comes to new window installation.

Available Colours for Interior & Exterior Custom Windows

Black Texture
Canyon Clay
Canyon Clay Texture
Chestnut Brown
Chestnut Brown Texture
Commercial Brown
Dover Grey
Gentek Sandalwood
Commercial Brown Texture
Dover Grey Texture
Gentek Sable
Gentek Sable Texture
Gentek Sandalwood
Gentek Wicker
Gentek Wicker Texture
Ivory 160
Ivory 160 Texture
Custom Texture
Pebble Texture
Tan 360
Tan 360 Texture

Available Grids & Styles

Flat Grid
Sculpted Grid
Simulated Grid
Check Rail

What Our Customers Are Saying  

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Brookstone has an amazing team working for them. They truly value their customers and although we did have a couple of hiccups, they made sure that we got them resolved in a timely manner. Gary and Nicki were the installers on our project, and they were fabulous. Very courteous and thorough at what they do. Connie who works at the office was super great and helpful, and the thing I really liked about all these people we worked with is that there was OPEN communication any time, any day. We have more windows to install next summer, and we will definitely be using Brookstone again.”

Sheli Young

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Vinyl Windows

While there is the potential for custom windows to be priced higher than other types of windows, it all depends on window type, size, and a variety of other factors. 

The biggest advantage to customizing your windows is that doing so allows you to pick the types and sizes of windows that you’d like. You don’t have to settle for any in-stock options. 

It depends on a variety of factors, but the biggest thing to keep in mind is that you want any new windows to complement your home’s overall decor. 

Grids are ideal for more contemporary styles of homes but often look out of place on newer homes. 

Rounded windows are known as either arch windows or radius windows. They are ideal for curb appeal from the outside and creating a more dramatic, luxurious impact from the inside.  

Custom Window Replacement by Brookstone Windows & Doors

To get started with the design and installation of your own custom size windows, contact Brookstone Windows & Doors today. Our team will take you through the process, from design conception to your installation day. Learn how we can create your dream home with custom order vinyl windows.

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