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Does the Canada Greener Homes Grant Apply When Replacing My Windows and Doors?

Designed to help Canadian homeowners make their homes more energy-efficient, the Canada Greener Homes Grant is awarding up to 700,000 grants of up to $5,000 to help make it more cost attainable to carry out such home improvements. Replacing windows and doors with ENERGY STAR-certified models are included in the improvements covered by this grant.

All Canadians are eligible for the government green homes grant, however, eligibility is limited to one resident per home.
In order to qualify, homeowners must be able to prove that the property is their primary residence. Canadians must then:

  1. Complete an EnerGuide evaluation
  2. Complete at least one applicable retrofit as advised by the EnerGuide evaluation
  3. Provide documentation of such.

All products used as part of the retrofit must be purchased in Canada.

Why Choose Brookstone Windows & Doors?

Applying for the Canada Green Homes Grant? Brookstone is proud to match the rebate dollar-for-dollar*. All Brookstone vinyl replacement windows qualify for the rebate and come with a lifetime warranty. We also pride ourselves on fast, responsive service, guaranteeing a consultation within 72 hours. 

Match Rebate Dollar-for-Dollar

Brookstone is proud to match the Canada Greener Homes Grant dollar-for-dollar*.

ENERGY STAR® Certified

All of our products meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® ratings, so you can rest assured our products will use less energy and reduce emissions contributing to climate change.

Process to Receive a Green Homes Grant

Book a consultation with Brookstone Windows & Doors:

The first step to on track to take advantage of these home energy grants.

Register for the Canada Greener Homes Grant:

Registering for the Canada Greener Homes grant will get your information entered in the system and permit you to book an EnerGuide evaluation.

Book an EnerGuide evaluation:

Brookstone will provide you with a list of companies that can carry out this task prior to your project beginning.

Have your windows and doors replaced:

Following the evaluation, the next step is having your windows and doors replaced with ENERGY STAR-certified models.

Have a follow-up energy audit performed:

Following new window and door installation, the energy efficiency improvement will need to be validated. 

Submit documentation to the government:

To receive the grant, you’ll need to submit proof to the government that the work was performed and represents an energy efficiency improvement. Your Energy Auditor should be able to help with this.  You’ll need to keep your pre- and post-audit documents, and invoices for products purchased and installation costs.

Receive the grant:

Lastly, you’ll receive the grant!

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Government Green Homes Grant FAQs

Yes! All Brookstone windows qualify for the grant and we’re happy to show you our doors that do.

Any Canadian is eligible for the grant, though only one resident per household can apply. There are some eligibility requirements based on household types.

We’re happy to put you in touch with a local, qualified firm to carry out your home energy audit.

You can receive up to $5,000 on applicable improvements.

*Some conditions apply. Cannot be combined with other promotional offers. Please contact us to determine eligibility.

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