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Top Window Trends of 2023
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Top Window Trends of 2023

When a homeowner integrates top window styles, they maximize their return on investment as well as quality of life benefits. Many of the popular window styles help to enhance the natural beauty of the architectural design and infuse rooms with natural light. If you have outdated or drafty windows in your home, consider the positive impact of the trending window styles.

Energy efficient windows, a window trend of 2023

Importance of Window Design

Three key reasons window design is essential are aesthetic appeal, energy efficiency, and return on investment. Savvy homeowners typically prioritize new windows because of their return on investment. Home improvement experts and real estate professionals estimate that property owners garner an 85 percent return on investment. That means popular window styles significantly improve resale values when you sell the house.

By that same token, windows designed to be energy efficient can reduce utility bills by approximately 12 percent. When you add return on investment with lower utility bills, it’s not unusual for homeowners to save money on many of the top window styles. But for working families, the immediate value is enjoying the view and warming rays of the sun that crystal clear windows deliver.   

What are the Top Window Trends of 2023?

It’s important to keep in mind that the best windows of 2023 are not necessarily the most expensive. Choosing from among the hot trending window styles is largely a matter of matching a suitable model to your home. This might sometimes involve expanding the window area, colour-matching, or taking your décor in a direction that best serves your personal taste. These rank among the top window trends of 2023.

Window Walls

Window walls from Brookstone.

Of the top window styles of 2023, window walls may have the most dramatic effect on real estate values as well as the peaceful enjoyment of a living space. This approach involves removing a wall and installing a custom window to fill out most of the square footage. Property owners usually select a wall with a lovely view, or one that allows them to enjoy sunsets or sunrises.

Bay Windows

Considered cost-effective popular window styles, bay windows welcome an abundance of natural light into any room. Their large screens also create fresh-air opportunities and typically raise the curbside appeal of any house. One of the best windows of 2023, this timeless design never goes out of style.

Custom Windows/Unique Window Shapes

Some of the best windows of 2023 do not necessarily fit into easily identifiable categories. Custom windows bring an exceptional creative element to the home improvement process. Community members can re-imagine their homes and the way windows affect their everyday lives. These specially made windows can follow the contours of unique home designs or alter the exterior and interior décor.

Energy-Efficient Windows

In many cases, decision-makers simply need to replace aging products that no longer resist the elements. Today’s energy-efficient windows are attractive money-savers that update existing openings. You can capitalize on your investment immediately by selecting a model that lowers monthly bills.

Brookstone Windows and Doors Installs the Best Windows of 2023

Are you ready to replace out-of-date products with one of the popular 2023 window styles? The experts at Brookstone Windows and Doors are here to help. Contact us today for a free quote, or visit one of our showrooms in Ontario.

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