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Reasons Why Your Windows Are Leaking
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Reasons Why Your Windows Are Leaking

Foggy and leaking windows are much more than an obstruction to your view outside. When moisture accumulates on the glass, it can lead to unhealthy mould and mildew. A leaking window frame can also result in water damage to exterior walls. Understanding why your windows are leaking moisture and air can help residential and commercial property owners make informed decisions about critical next steps. Whether you require window leak repair, or a new window installation, it will likely be determined by the cause, damage, and condition of the existing products.

A leaking window in a home in Southwestern Ontario

Telltale Signs of Window Leaks

Identifying the causes of window leaks early allows property owners to take proactive measures and avoid unnecessary repairs. By that same token, the very presence of water on panes or pooling on the sill does not necessarily prove the windows are malfunctioning. Inefficient HVAC systems can sometimes lead to heavy condensation on the inside of the glass. Consider drying off the panes and monitoring them before spending money on replacements. But if condensation does not appear to be the culprit, check for the following signs of window leaks.

1: Inadequate Installation

If the original window was not properly installed, you may feel air coming through the window frame. This typically means the insulation is no longer keeping out drafts and moist air. Along with leaving the surrounding frame and exterior wall vulnerable to rot, property owners are paying for expensive energy loss. It’s essential to enlist the support of experienced installers, like those at Brookstone Windows & Doors, to correctly install insulation when you have the windows replaced.

2: Issues with Sealants and Flashing

The sealants and flashing on the outside of the frames rank among the leading causes of window leaks. As they age, sealants dry out and crack. Pieces tend to fall away until nothing remains to prevent moisture from leaking into the window frames. The flashing, designed to push rain away from the top of the window frame, also tends to loosen and fail over time.

If you see water along the top or sides of the window frames, check the condition of the sealants and flashing. Unfortunately, obvious water leaks due to faulty sealants and flashing usually mean extensive damage has occurred, and you need new windows.

3: Moisture Between Panes of Glass

There’s an important distinction between condensation on the inside of your windows and between the panes. Water on the inside is often due to overly humid air and changing temperatures. But droplets between the windowpanes indicate the seals that maintain moisture integrity have been compromised. Selecting high-quality replacement windows with extensive warranties is often the best option for homeowners to save in the long run.

Trust Brookstone Windows & Doors for High-Quality Replacement Windows

Brookstone Windows and Doors manufactures a complete line of windows that meet or exceed Energy Star Certification requirements and are backed by a lifetime warranty. If a Brookstone window begins to fog and is defective, we will replace it for free. If you see signs of window leaks, contact Brookstone Windows & Doors at a location near you.

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