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The Best Time to Replace Your Front Door
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The Best Time to Replace Your Front Door

Your front door is the entry to your home. It welcomes guests and keeps out the elements, but over time, it can start to degrade and wear down. At Brookstone Windows & Doors, we understand the value of your front door, and we want to ensure your door meets your home’s needs. 

Wondering the best time to replace your front door? Here are some signs that the time might be now.

Cracked or Warped Frame  

Your front door gets opened, closed, and even slammed thousands of times in its life. It’s also exposed to the elements. These stressors can eventually even cause the best door to develop stress cracks in the wood or warps in the frame. 

New front door installed by Brookstone Windows & Doors

If you can see cracks or warping, you may need to consider a replacement. The best time to replace front door is before the damage severely inhibits the functionality of the door. 

Moisture Between Panes of Glass 

Another clear sign that you need to replace your front door is moisture between the glass. Over time, the glass panes in the front door or the surrounding frame can lose their seals. Moisture may get in between the panes, and once inside, it may spread to the wood. 

Note that depending on the extent of the moisture, you may not need to replace the door. In some cases, you may just need to replace the glass itself. For that to be possible, you need to address the issue as soon as you see the problem. 

Drafts Under or Around Door 

Your front door plays a significant role in your home’s envelope. It allows you to enter and exit the home, but while closed, it’s meant to maintain the integrity of your home. 

If you feel drafts coming into your home from under or around the door, your door isn’t doing its job. A few drafts from the base of the door can often be ameliorated with a new door sweep or a draft guard. But if the drafts come from the sides of the door and eventually even with drafts from the bottom, you will need a complete door replacement. Drafts mean that your door doesn’t fit properly in its frame. 

Difficulty Closing, Opening, or Locking Front Door 

If you’re trying to figure out how to know if doors need replacing, you should also look at how it works. You may not notice visual warping or cracks, but you will notice when your door is hard to open, shut, or lock. These are all advanced signs that it’s time to replace your entry door.

Maintain your Home with a Quality Front Door 

Interested in enhancing your home with a new front door? Want more guidance on when to replace your front door? Then, contact the window and door installation professionals at Brookstone Windows & Doors. Our team will proudly go above and beyond to find the very best window and door solutions for your home. 

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