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How You Know It’s Time to Replace Your Patio Door
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How You Know It’s Time to Replace Your Patio Door

There are wide-reaching reasons to prioritize a patio door replacement. Exterior door replacement is often a logical part of remodeling a home or getaway cottage. But more often than not, homeowners replace these exterior doors because they sustain damage or have exceeded their life expectancy. This begs the question of how you know it’s time to replace your patio door or make cosmetic repairs.

New patio doors installed on a home in Southwestern Ontario

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Patio Door

It’s not uncommon for patio doors to falter due to exposure to harsh weather, hard impacts, low-quality materials, or improper installations. Property owners don’t usually discover an exterior door wasn’t installed properly for several years. By then, many product and construction warranties have expired. That’s why it’s crucial to select a superior product and work with a reputable installer if you experience any of the following exterior door replacement signs.

1: Failing Hardware Makes Exterior Doors Stick

One of the signs an aging door may have passed its prime is failing hardware. Door latches stick, and you need to lift the door slightly, or sliding models no longer move effortlessly. You may hear creaking or grinding noises when opening and closing them as well. The same holds true of French doors that suffer rusting hinges and locking systems. While it may seem cost-effective to change the locks and make repairs, these are signs that your exterior door may need to be replaced.

2: You Notice Problems with Patio Door Glass

Hard impacts to patio door glass can leave them cracked or broken. In this condition, they are a clear safety hazard to you and your loved ones. Cracked glass is also an invitation to intruders who can easily push in the pane and gain entrance.

Cracked and broken glass patio doors can be cost-effectively replaced. Perhaps the issue that calls for patio door replacement involves moisture between double-paned products. If you see condensation between the glass, the seals have been compromised. It’s also a sign the door may have reached or exceeded its life expectancy.

3: Air Penetrations Around the Patio Door Frame

If you feel a draft entering your living space from around the frame of the patio door, there’s a good chance it wasn’t properly installed or insulated. This issue ranks among the clearest signs that you need a new patio door system. Not only is moisture able to seep behind portions of the exterior wall and compromise the support structures, but you’re also paying for energy loss. If you feel a draft from around the frame, select a quality patio door replacement and work with an industry-leading installer, such as those at Brookstone Windows & Doors.

Contact Brookstone Windows & Doors for a High-Quality Patio Door Replacement

Brookstone Windows and Doors manufactures an extensive line of patio doors that meet or exceed Energy Star Certification requirements and are backed by a lifetime warranty. If a Brookstone door is somehow defective, we will replace it for free. If you are experiencing signs you need exterior door replacement, contact Brookstone Windows & Doors at an Ontario location near you.

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