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What is Window Casing?
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What is Window Casing?

Installing new window casing – Brookstone Windows & Doors.

As you plan to replace your windows, you will likely be asked about the kind of window casing you prefer. If you are scratching your head in response, you are not alone! Today, we will discuss what window casing is, the types of window casing available, and the difference between casing and trim which will help you decide the best casing for your windows.

Window casing is the solid structure that your window sits in. Window casing is designed to insulate your home and lend a finished appearance to your home.

Window casing can be wood or vinyl. Wood casings tend to have a more pleasing appearance, but vinyl is often more durable and affordable. Your choice of material often depends on what you prefer and what fits within your budget.

What is the Difference Between Window Casing and Trim?

“Trim” is a general term that includes the framing of doors, ceilings, floors, and windows. Window casing refers specifically to the type of trim used for windows. Its primary function is to enclose doors and windows, covering any gaps between the drywall and the window frame.

Types of Window Casing

Complete Casing

Complete casings cover all four sides of the window and may contain just one layer of plain moulding or several layers of stacked moulding. Generally, the more elaborate and intricate the design, the more layers are involved. Inside casings can match with other mouldings around your doors, floors, and ceilings.

Low Profile Casing

Low profile casing incorporates a simpler design that sits flush against the wall and is more functional than decorative. It does not cover all four sides of the window; instead, it only covers the inner part of the window frame. Some people like low profile casing because it blends into the background of your room’s aesthetic, allowing you to easily change your interior without worrying if your windows will suit your new design choices. Low profile casing tends to be more affordable.

High Profile Casing

If low profile casing is the minimalistic approach to window design, high profile casing is the maximalist approach. You can get more creative with your design and add attractive decorative elements. High profile casing is well-suited to older homes and vintage structures and can be installed without professional help. However, thanks to the more elaborate design, high-profile casing also tends to be more costly.

Traditional Casing

Traditional casing is similar to low profile in that it sits flush with both interior and exterior walls. However, instead of being placed inside your window frame, traditional casing sits on the outer part of the frame.

Modern Casing

If you prefer a stylish, minimalist look with sleek, sharp lines, modern casings are for you. This casing design matches the rest of the window and blends in, allowing you to decide whether you later want to add more decorative elements.

Choose the Perfect Window Casings for Your Home at Brookstone

Having trouble deciding which window casing is right for you? That’s where we come in! The window experts at Brookstone have installed thousands of windows in a variety of styles. Contact us today and our team will help you choose the perfect casings for your home!

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