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What is Low-E Glass?
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What is Low-E Glass?

At Brookstone Windows & Doors, we are committed to providing our clients with the most attractive and energy-efficient windows and doors. As part of that mission, we offer windows with low-e coatings on our windows, but what exactly is low-e glass?

Our low-e windows feature a special coating that stops infrared and ultraviolet light from passing through the window without compromising the visible light that comes into your house.

How Low Emissivity Glass Works 

Low-e glass is also known as low emissivity glass. When glass absorbs light and heat, some heat radiates from the glass surface and into your home. The way glass or any other material radiates energy is called emissivity. 

Low-e windows installed by Brookstone Windows & Doors

High Emissivity Glass

Materials with high emissivity radiate a lot of heat and energy, while materials with low emissivity radiate out smaller amounts of energy. For example, if a window has high emissivity levels, it absorbs the sun’s heat and radiates it into the home. This increases ambient heat and forces your air conditioner to work harder. 

Low Emissivity Glass

Low emissivity glass stops the transfer of heat into the home. When the glass has low emissivity or low-e coatings, it doesn’t emit as much heat or energy, often resulting in lower energy costs.

Benefits of Low-E Glass  

At Brookstone, we install vinyl replacement windows that feature low-e coatings, providing benefits such as: 

Increased Energy Efficiency 

When you choose low-e glass for your windows, you reduce the amount of unwanted heat that gets into your house. This means that your air conditioner does not have to work as hard.  

Reduced UV rays  

Exposure to ultraviolet rays increases your risk of skin cancer, but UV rays can also damage interior furniture. This is because UV rays can cause interior surfaces to fade at a rate three times faster than natural light on its own. 

Reduced Glare 

Low-e windows work to reduce the glare that comes into your home. These windows reduce the light on your screens, so you can work or watch TV without added glare. 

Does Not Block Natural Light  

A key benefit of low-e glass is that it blocks infrared and ultraviolet light without sacrificing the ability to allow natural light into your space. So, when you install low-e glass windows in your home, you get all the benefits of natural sunlight without the effects of UV rays. 

ENERGY STAR® Certified Low-E Glass  

Our low-e windows are ENERGY STAR® certified. This is an internationally recognized marker of high efficiency. To earn this rating, our products must meet strict performance criteria. At Brookstone Windows & Doors, we’re proud to offer all our products that meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® ratings, so you can rest assured our products will use less energy. 

Improve your Home’s Energy Efficiency with Low-E Windows 

It’s time to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. We install low-e windows and other high-quality windows and exterior doors throughout Southwestern Ontario, and we’d love to help you boost your house the energy efficiency levels of your house. To learn more, contact one of our experts today.  

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