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The Difference Between a Single Hung Window and a Double Hung Window
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The Difference Between a Single Hung Window and a Double Hung Window

Installing high-quality windows ranks among the leading home improvements. Well-insulated products with large panes and stylish designs add to the peaceful enjoyment of any living space. But one of the sometimes confusing aspects of selecting a model involves knowing the difference between single hung and double hung windows. Although these types may look very similar, they function differently. We hope this information about single hung and double hung windows helps you make an informed decision.

Newly installed double hung windows in a home in Southwestern Ontario

What is a Single Hung Window?

Though single hung and double hung windows often look the same, they function differently. Both typically have an upper and lower sash; the portion of the window that holds the glass panes and grilles. In single hung windows, the bottom sash usually moves to allow fresh air into the space. By that same token, the top sash is fixed in place.

What is a Double Hung Window?

A double hung window derives its name from the fact both sashes move. The ability to create airflow from the top or bottom portion makes it a preferred choice among replacement windows and new construction. It’s also not uncommon for top-tier double hung windows to have a tilt mechanism built in for easy cleaning.

Pros and Cons of Single and Double Hung Windows

Single hung windows have been around since the 17th Century and are more prevalent in older and historic homes. That’s largely due to cost and other factors because double hung windows were designed later in the same Century. Advancements in materials and technologies have led to significantly different types of single and double sash windows. These are pros and cons to consider.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Single hung windows require property owners to clean the upper sash from the outside of the home. This means bringing out a step ladder for first-floor windows. It may require an extension ladder or hiring window cleaning professionals for the second story.

Double hung windows might also require cleaning from the outside. However, the best double hung windows include hinge mechanisms that allow homeowners to lower them into the space. It’s far easier to maintain double hung windows, meaning they are likely to get cleaned more frequently.

Energy Efficiency

The basic design of these windows seems to favour single hung models when looking at energy efficiency. The fixed-in-place sash is less likely to allow drafts or climate-controlled air from escaping. But the engineering and insulative materials used in quality double hung windows generally offset design, making them extremely energy efficient.

Cost of Windows

The upfront cost of double hung windows often runs higher than single hung models when all things are equal. Homeowners must then weigh the time, energy, and possible window cleaning costs over the life of the products.  

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