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Your Guide to Replacement Windows for Historic Homes
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Your Guide to Replacement Windows for Historic Homes

It’s sometimes difficult to know whether restoring or replacing windows for historic homes is the best option. At Brookstone Windows & Doors, we work closely with homeowners to provide the best replacement windows for an old house. Southwestern Ontario property owners may want to consider these things when repairing or replacing windows in an older home.

New windows installed in a historical home in Ontario

Window Replacement vs Restoration

The decision to restore old windows or replace them is not an easy one. People who own heritage homes tend to embrace historic designs, architecture, and materials. The idea of installing new windows may seem almost counterintuitive.

On the other hand, the restoration process can be expensive, and though the window itself may look new, they are often not nearly as energy efficient as a new window.

By contrast, custom replacement windows for historic homes can match the architecture of the era. The difference between restored windows and high-quality replacements is primarily the materials, energy efficiency, and cost. That being said, knowing which is the best option for you and your historic home is essential.

When is Restoration the Best Option?

Window restoration can be a cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing option, depending on their condition. Suppose the structural integrity of the wooden window sash, casing, and grilles has not begun to deteriorate. In that case, having a craftsman restore them in place may be feasible, though it is often not recommended.

When is Replacement the Best Option?

Installing replacement windows for historic homes has become common in recent years. The advanced technology, ease of customization, and comparatively lower cost make them a go-to resource.

Today’s high-quality replacement windows can be matched to yesteryear wood products. When the windows of an old house have seen better days or restoration proves cost-prohibitive, custom-designed replacement windows may be the best solution.

How to Keep Your Home’s Historic Look When Replacing Windows

Emulating your windows’ fine craftsmanship and period-specific designs calls for an industry-leading manufacturer specializing in customization. As a homeowner who values the historic ambiance, we recommend working with a reputable window replacement company like Brookstone Windows & Doors.

During your consultation, our team can lead you through customization options to ensure that your new window matches the historical look of the rest of your home. Some of the most popular choices of windows for historical homes are high-profile windows, bay windows, and picture windows.

Why Vinyl Windows Are the Better Choice for Your Historic Home

Replacing windows in an old house with vinyl products is widely considered the best solution for an old house. That’s primarily due to next-generation technology being introduced by leading manufacturers. These rank among the top reasons vinyl replacement windows for historic homes are the right choice.

  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • Easier to clean and maintain.
  • Weather resistance and durability.
  • Historic period and colour matching.
  • Cost-effectiveness.

Installing replacement windows for historic homes also delivers an excellent return on investment. Sellers usually find real estate values rise, and buyers are more inclined to purchase homes with energy-efficient windows.

Brookstone Windows and Doors Offers Customized Replacement Windows for Historic Homes

If you are considering replacing the declining windows of your old house, the experts at Brookstone Windows and Doors are here to help. Contact us today for a free quote or visit us at one of our showrooms in Ontario.

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