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Replacement Doors Windsor Ontario
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Replacement Doors Windsor Ontario

Replacement doors Windsor Ontario are very different from new construction doors. Specifically, replacement doors are typically heavy duty. You must carefully inspect what type of replacement doors Windsor Ontario you want. Replacement doors are installed in a unique way. They have to be made a certain way. They have to be made in the correct size. Replacement doors Windsor Ontario also come in various styles and options.

So where do you begin the process? First, you have to meet with replacement doors Windsor Ontario companies. At Brookstone windows we specialize in replacement doors. Our door systems are built specifically for the replacement door market. We are happy to meet with you to explain in more detail what we offer.

First consider the framing materials. Replacement doors Windsor Ontario are made with composite. New construction doors are made with wood. The problem is wood rots. That’s why they have to be replaced so soon. With a composite PVC frame the doors cant rot. Without rot, the frame can last a lifetime. With a typical wood frame the lifespan is only 10 years.

Secondly, we have to consider the steel of the door. Specifically, we will build a 24 gauge steel door. The replacement steel door is built to last. New construction materials are thin and easy to dent. Our doors are thicker and harder to dent.

Thirdly, consider the threshold. Most doors are built to close behind the threshold. This is a “self-drain” design. Meaning the water has to enter before it can escape. This design causes leaks and rot below the door. Our design is an adjustable sill. The sill keeps water away as the door sits on the threshold.

What about the bottom of the door? Consider the “sweep.” Most door sweeps are just held on with pressure. However, after some sun and heat the sweep melts and detaches from the door. This leads to leakage below the door. We use a custom door sweep. This sweep is mechanically fastened to the door. In a special track which stops water leakage and damage.

Please contact us for a free consultation to learn about our replacement doors Windsor Ontario. You can also check out sill-to-sash from SAWDAC for additional info.

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