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Proper Exterior Door Installation
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Proper Exterior Door Installation

At Brookstone Windows and Doors, we specialize in exterior door installation across Southwestern Ontario. When you begin thinking about replacing your front door, patio doors or interior garage doors, you need to make sure that the installation will be done correctly. 

Considerations When Installing an Exterior Door

When installing an exterior door, it’s essential to make sure that it’s done correctly. While learning how to install an exterior door and doing the framing, fitting, hanging and caulking your new exterior door, one missed measurement can result in drafts or leaks, in-turn, reducing the lifespan of your door. When it comes to replacing something like your home’s exterior doors, though some DIY homeowners may opt to replace their front door themselves, we recommend leaving it to professional installers. 

What Happens When Exterior Doors are Installed Incorrectly?

Proper exterior door installation completed by Brookstone Windows & Doors

Exterior doors that are installed incorrectly can begin to leak in and around the doors, specifically underneath the sill. When the moisture from outside gets in underneath the sill, water begins to soak into the rim of the house as well as the floor joists supporting foyer under the door. In some cases, we have had to replace part of the rim and cripple the floor joists to properly support the door again after the rot had set in. 

Tips for Proper Exterior Door Installation

In order to prevent lasting issues with your new door, here are some steps you should follow when beginning an exterior door installation project:

1. Caulk the Door’s Perimeter

Make sure that the base of the sill plate is properly caulked using a perimeter caulking technique to ensure proper bonding of the sill and sill plate below.

2. Square the Door Frame

Make sure the exterior door is square and plumb in the opening during the installation.

3. Prepare the Door Sill

If a sill extension is required during the exterior door installation, make sure to measure it out and remove it if it’s too long prior to installation rather than trying to install it after the door is in due to potential damage to the sill during the installation of the sill extension.

4. Seal and Insulate your Exterior Door 

As one of the final steps, it’s important to properly seal and insulate around the door frame. This will seal your exterior door from leaks or drafts. During this step, be aware of how much expanding insulation is being used in the door frame, as too much can warp or bend your door frame. 

Is a Professional Required to Install an Exterior Door?

Though it’s not required to hire a professional installation crew when getting a new exterior door, it’s highly recommended to ensure the job is done properly the first time.

Trust the Professionals for Exterior Door Installations 

We recommend working with our experts at Brookstone Windows & Doors. We will ensure that your installation is done to the highest standard and backed by our lifetime guarantee.  

Choose Brookstone for Your New Exterior Door

For additional steps and information about proper door installation, please contact us. If you’re ready to get your project started, schedule a free consultation with one of our installation specialists.

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