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Product of the Month – Patio Door with Mini Blinds!
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Product of the Month – Patio Door with Mini Blinds!

Whether in your kitchen, master bedroom or family room, patio doors provide convenient access to the backyard or any outside area while brightening any room and offering unobstructed views of your surroundings. And what better way to control hat view then with built in patio door mini blinds! Built-in mini blinds are a great idea for patio doors. They are child and pet friendly because there is no pulling or jumping on the blinds! They are easy to maintain because there is no dusting or cleaning required. AND, you can control how much light and view you like because of the venetian blinds traveling up and down and tilting as well. Do your home a favour and look into this wonderful new feature! Now available at Brookstone Windows and Doors!

Patio Door with Mini Blinds

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