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How to Prepare Your Windows for the Canadian Winter
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How to Prepare Your Windows for the Canadian Winter

With our freezing temperatures and continuous snowfall, Canada’s winters may be exceedingly difficult. Winterizing windows is crucial for homeowners to complete before the cold weather arrives. Windows that have been properly winterized help you stay warm while also reducing your heating expenses. We’ll walk you through the steps necessary to winterize windows in this article so they can weather the harsh Canadian winter.

A home in Southwestern Ontario covered in snow

Why Winterize Your Windows?

Understanding the why is the first step in effectively winterizing windows. Your windows may have gaps, fractures, or installation flaws that allow cold air to readily seep through, forcing your heating system to work harder than necessary. As a result, energy costs go up, and living conditions get less comfortable. You can save energy and keep your home at a pleasant temperature by taking the appropriate steps to seal your windows.

Weatherstripping: Your First Line of Defense

A substance called weatherstripping is used to close gaps around windows and doors. High-quality weatherstripping is crucial to your winterization strategy because it will keep the cold air out. Hardware stores carry various weatherstripping products, including adhesive-backed tape, door sweeps, and V-strip. It’s important to select the option that best fits your window type.

The Use of Window Film

Another efficient way to insulate your windows is with window film. This plastic substance adheres firmly to the window glass, forming an insulating wall between your house’s interior and the brisk outside air. It’s not difficult to install; you only need a hair dryer to shrink the film onto the glass and ensure a tight fit.

Recognizing Wet Windows in Winter

During the winter, ‘wet windows’ or moisture build-up are frequent problems. Poor insulation or improper ventilation is frequently to blame for this. Your windows may need improved insulation, which may prompt you to look into replacement choices if you discover they are becoming foggy or accumulating moisture.

Best Windows for Cold Climates

Replacement vinyl windows are among the best windows for cold areas if you want a more long-term fix. They provide excellent insulation and durability. Finding a style that complements your home and offers the essential thermal resistance to keep you warm throughout the winter is possible with various alternatives.

Is It Time for New Windows?

As we’ve already covered, several ways to winterize your current windows exist. However, replacing your windows can occasionally be the best course of action. Consider replacing vinyl windows if you frequently experience problems like wet windows in the winter or if your current windows are worn out and ineffective.

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