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Benefits of Choosing Fibreglass Doors

When it comes to the security, durability, and overall look of your home, selecting the right front door is a crucial decision. Among the many types of doors available, fibreglass doors have become a popular option for homeowners due to their exceptional strength and resistance to damage. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the main benefits of choosing to

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Can You Save Energy with a New Front Door?

Homeowners who want to lower utility bills and do their part for the environment sometimes look past drafty old doors. The notion of installing energy efficient doors tends to take a backseat to replacing windows and adding attic insulation. Truth be told, an energy efficient front door is just as essential as other insulants. If you are wondering: Can you

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What are the Benefits of an Energy Star Window?

When the time comes to replace inefficient windows, homeowners typically weigh the pros and cons of various products. But the Energy Star label distinguishes a line from others, guaranteeing that they are among the most energy efficient windows. Once you know what it means to earn an Energy Star certification and the benefits these top-rated windows offer, the decision is

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How You Know It’s Time to Replace Your Patio Door

There are wide-reaching reasons to prioritize a patio door replacement. Exterior door replacement is often a logical part of remodeling a home or getaway cottage. But more often than not, homeowners replace these exterior doors because they sustain damage or have exceeded their life expectancy. This begs the question of how you know it’s time to replace your patio door

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Reasons Why Your Windows Are Leaking

Foggy and leaking windows are much more than an obstruction to your view outside. When moisture accumulates on the glass, it can lead to unhealthy mould and mildew. A leaking window frame can also result in water damage to exterior walls. Understanding why your windows are leaking moisture and air can help residential and commercial property owners make informed decisions

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Fixed vs Operable Windows: What’s The Best Option?

Having new windows installed adds to the peaceful enjoyment of any living space. But homeowners sometimes have difficult choices to make. One of the key decisions is choosing between fixed windows and operable windows. By understanding the pros and cons, as well as accounting for the stylistic options, you will be able to make an informed decision about the best

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How to Winterize Your Exterior Doors

Drafty windows and doors result in a home losing upwards of 40 percent of its energy efficiency. Knowing how to winterize your exterior doors is extremely important because, like it or not, that aging or misaligned door may be costing you more than it’s worth in unnecessary utility bills. If you are a homeowner who needs to winterize exterior doors

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Is Condensation on Windows Bad?

Homeowners sometimes worry that condensation on windows is a problem. Depending on where the beads of water are present, it may be worth addressing. When condensation appears on the outside of your windows, that’s actually a sign they are functioning at a high level. Like morning dew, humidity and temperature differences result in water formations. If water pools up on

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How Energy Efficient Windows Help Your Home During Winter Months

Homeowners with aging windows are often well aware that inefficiency in their house can result in energy loss. Outdated panes and grilles on windows in a home also detract from otherwise beautiful views. But not many people realize that industry-leading energy efficient windows can effectively cover the cost of installation. That’s because the return on investment runs as high as

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What are the Best Basement Windows?

Remodelling your home’s lower level is not complete unless it includes the best basement windows possible. A dimly lit living space can make a home feel confined. But a quality basement window replacement infuses the space with natural light and energizes the vibe. If you are considering a remodelling project, or the current panes and frames are outdated, knowing the

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