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Cans For A Cause & Toy Drive

Join the Brookstone Windows and Doors family and support our local community with the Cans for a Cause and Toy Drive! All canned proceeds go to support the Society of St. Vicent de Paul and all toy proceeds go to support the Sparky’s Toy Drive. For every can and/or toy donated, Brookstone Windows will take $20 off your purchase, up to $100. Donations

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Selecting the Right Replacement Window Company

Are you looking for the right replacement window company to handle your next home improvement project? In the replacement windows business, there are many options for companies throughout Southwestern, Ontario. Making sure you carefully choose which replacement windows company you want to work this otherwise it may cost you significantly more than you anticipated. Questions to Ask Your Window Replacement Company When selecting a replacement window

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Replacement Doors Windsor Ontario

Replacement doors Windsor Ontario are very different from new construction doors. Specifically, replacement doors are typically heavy duty. You must carefully inspect what type of replacement doors Windsor Ontario you want. Replacement doors are installed in a unique way. They have to be made a certain way. They have to be made in the correct size. Replacement doors Windsor Ontario also come in various

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What is New Frame Window Installation?

When you decide to replace your existing windows and exterior doors, you must strongly consider the installation method that is being used. At Brookstone Windows, one of the most common methods of window installation we use is new frame window installation Windsor Ontario. What does the new frame window installation mean? Retrofit Window Installation vs New Frame Window Installation Generally speaking,

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How to choose from the many window companies in Windsor

There are many window companies in Windsor, so how do you choose which company you want to meet with? It’s not easy. Most window companies in Windsor spend a great deal on marketing. These marketing dollars are spent to encourage customers to meet with them. But before you choose to meet with one of the window companies in Windsor, you

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New Fiberglass Doors In Windsor

At Brookstone Windows and Doors, we pride ourselves on offering the best new fiberglass doors in Windsor and Essex County. There are many versions of new fiberglass doors in Windsor and surrounding areas, however very few are made with the quality and durability you need for the door to last. So what type of new fiberglass door in Windsor should you consider buying?

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New Vinyl Windows In Windsor

At Brookstone Windows and Doors we pride ourselves on providing new vinyl windows in Windsor to all residents of Windsor and Essex County. When considering replacing your existing windows with new vinyl windows in Windsor, you have to carefully consider what type of vinyl windows are installed. Commonly in today’s window and door industry, companies are using recycled plastics to manufacture vinyl windows. The problem

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How to Make Sure Your Door is Installed Properly

At Brookstone Windows and Doors, we specialize in exterior door installation across Southwestern, Ontario. When you begin thinking about replacing your front door, patio doors or interior garage doors, you need to make sure that the installation will be done correctly. What Happens When Exterior Doors are Installed Incorrectly? Exterior doors that are installed incorrectly generally begin to leak in and around the doors specifically underneath the sill. When

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Custom Window Installation in Windsor Ontario

At Brookstone Windows and Doors we always offer custom window installation to homeowners in Windsor Ontario. In fact, every single window installation is unique to the house and the opening. Unlike most contractors that generally install windows, in the same way, each time, it’s important to utilize custom window installation since every single opening and home requires a different replacement window installation approach. Custom Window Installation Process

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Window Installation Windsor

If you require window installation Windsor Ontario there are some key things that you need to consider. The window installation method will make or break the durability and longevity of your new windows. In fact, it’s the most important part of the window replacement process. At Brookstone Windows and Doors we have specific installation guidelines that we follow to ensure that the window installation

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