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New Vinyl Windows In Windsor
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New Vinyl Windows In Windsor

At Brookstone Windows and Doors we pride ourselves on providing new vinyl windows in Windsor to all residents of Windsor and Essex County. When considering replacing your existing windows with new vinyl windows in Windsor, you have to carefully consider what type of vinyl windows are installed.

Commonly in today’s window and door industry, companies are using recycled plastics to manufacture vinyl windows. The problem with recycled plastics is they are constructed from materials that re-used, re-ground and re-manufactured. That process of melting and re-grinding plastics can actually be detrimental to the structural integrity of the vinyl. In fact, the process requires the addition of calcium carbonate to the vinyl to try and stabilize it.  Not to mention the fact that the vinyl must be bleached back to white since it turns a grey blue colour.

The biggest problem however, is that once the recycled vinyl products are exposed to UV radiation from the sun the plastics begin to deteriorate. This process is similar to what happens to plastic chairs left outside over a couple of seasons, they begin to grey, fade, chalk, stain and CRACK.

All of our windows are manufactured with UN-Plasticized Poly-Vinyl Chloride which means non-recycled plastics or Virgin Vinyls. This type of vinyl is manufactured in Canada, naturally stable, non-bleached, painters white in colour and guaranteed for a lifetime!

To learn more about which new vinyl windows in windsor you need, contact us for a free consultation with our product specialist.

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