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What is New Frame Window Installation?
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What is New Frame Window Installation?

When you decide to replace your existing windows and exterior doors, you must strongly consider the installation method that is being used. At Brookstone Windows, one of the most common methods of window installation we use is new frame window installation Windsor Ontario. What does the new frame window installation mean?

Retrofit Window Installation vs New Frame Window Installation

Generally speaking, when a contractor replaces a window, they often remove the existing window and replace it with the new one in the exact same way. Meaning the existing frame, casing trim and in some cases, jambs are left in the opening. This is called a retrofit installation. Retrofit installation may be a great installation method in older homes. But in newer homes built in the last 20 years, the correct installation method is a new frame window installation.

Newer homes come with windows that are generally not installed correctly. Meaning, the vinyl is nailed and glued in the opening. The windows lack frames, brickmould, capping, and spray foam insulation. Improper installation leads to exterior separation of the window from the opening and air/water coming into the home. This can cause moisture, mold, and condensation issues. In most cases, windows installed this way will require replacement within five to seven years of installation.

How Does New Frame Window Installation Work?

A new frame window installation requires a full tear out of the entire opening. In new homes, this is simple because there is hardly anything to remove. Once the opening is cleaned out, we will install a new wood frame for the window. The window frame is squared and shimmed into the opening. The replacement window will be securely fastened to the new frame and caulked on the inside. Between the new window frame and stud opening low expansion spray foam insulation will be applied. In front of that, we will fasten brickmould and aluminum flashing to complete the job.

A typical window installation method has only one seal from the outside to the inside. A new frame window installation o has SIX seals from the exterior to the interior. Therefore, at Brookstone, we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our replacement window installations!

To learn more about a new frame window installation Windsor Ontario please contact us for a free in-home consultation.

New Frame Window Installation Windsor Ontario

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