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New Fiberglass Doors In Windsor
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New Fiberglass Doors In Windsor

At Brookstone Windows and Doors, we pride ourselves on offering the best new fiberglass doors in Windsor and Essex County. There are many versions of new fiberglass doors in Windsor and surrounding areas, however very few are made with the quality and durability you need for the door to last. So what type of new fiberglass door in Windsor should you consider buying? Below are some important things to consider:

  • What type of fiberglass is used in the construction of the door: there are many grades of fiberglass. Generally in the window and door industry today the most common type of fiberglass compound used is a thin, cheap and weak version of fiberglass which is considered low-grade. This fiberglass shows less detail in the “wood grain” weaving. The “high-grade” fiberglass we use in our new fiberglass doors in Windsor are roughly 80% thinker than “low-grade” and show significant detail in the woodgrain finish. In-fact the difference between low-grade and high grade  is similar to the difference between Egyptian cotton and a plain white sheets.
  • Security: generally most new fiberglass doors in Windsor have a thin perimeter framing around the interior of the door to hold together the interior and exterior slabs. This means a reduced lock block allowing easy forced entry with little impact through the door. The high-grade fiberglass doors have a frame this is five times the thickness and contain a think lock-block with a steel crippler to make sure that forced entry is much harder to achieve. PLUS. the steel crippler reduces flex and warping of the fiberglass, which by industry average can warp up to a full inch causing air and water to penetrate through the door.

For more information about our new fiberglass doors in Windsor please contact us for a free consultation with one of our product specialists.

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