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Is Your Door Secure?
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Is Your Door Secure?

Would you go to bed with your front door unlocked? If you forgot to secure the main entrance to your business, would you circle back and lock it? Now ask yourself, how secure is your front door?

For many homes, front door security is lacking. An intruder can brush through standard products in one minute or less. So, how secure is your front door? If the answer is “not enough,” it’s time to improve your exterior door security.

A secure front door installed by Brookstone Windows & Doors

The Importance of Front Door Security

It may come as something of a surprise, but 34 percent of burglars enter homes through the front door. The prime hours are typically between 10 am and 3 pm, while homeowners are at work and children are in school. Another 22 percent of thieves enter through the back door, so they can haul out burglary tools undetected.

Although feature films build this class of criminals up to be masterminds, they are merely opportunists. A thief simply notices a door that’s relatively easy to pry open, or the knob will pop from a forceful turn.

How To Know If Your Front Door is Secure

There are telltale signs that a door won’t stand up to unwanted visitors. Home and business owners who are not necessarily knowledgeable about construction may not attribute them to subpar security. If you notice the following, consider upgrading to a secure front or rear door.

Air Drafts

If you feel air penetration from the deadbolt side of the door, a burglar can pry it open in seconds.

Lock Depth

Open the front or rear door and maneuver the deadbolt open. If the bolt will not penetrate the jamb by at least one inch, it’s inadequate.

Door Frame

Exterior door security requires a sturdy casing. Wooden frames tend to deteriorate and rot with age. Tap and press on the frame to see if it has any give.

Locking System

Single-lock models are usually inferior in terms of security. It’s essential to have a system that locks via a knob and an accompanying deadbolt.

It’s also important to have a solid core door. These are, by far, stronger than hollow core models in terms of preventing break-ins, as well as energy efficiency.

The Best Exterior Door Security Options

Some property owners may try to save money by buttressing deficient exterior doors. Such practices rarely succeed, and occupants never really feel safe. By installing an attractive front door that possesses robust security elements, you gain peace of mind. These are materials that provide determined security.

Steel Front Doors

Steel front doors rank among the strongest possible options and are a visual deterrent to burglars. Models with durable double-locking systems and heavy-duty frames now come in styles that mirror natural wood. Property owners get the curbside appeal and home security they desire from state-of-the-art models.

Vinyl Exterior Doors

High-quality vinyl front doors are enhanced with durable materials to provide robust security. With dual locking systems and sturdy frames, thieves are inclined to seek opportunities elsewhere.

Fibreglass Exterior Doors

Leading Fibreglass door manufacturers employ the latest technology to ensure they deliver security as well as good looks. Along with strong locking systems and frames, fibreglass doors are considered energy efficient.

Choose A Secure Front Door with Brookstone Windows & Doors

At Brookstone Windows & Doors, we are committed to providing homeowners throughout Southwestern Ontario with high-quality products, product specialists, and excellent customer service. If you need a secure entryway door, we would love to help. To learn more about how to choose an entry door, contact us today.

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