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Is Condensation on Windows Bad?
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Is Condensation on Windows Bad?

Homeowners sometimes worry that condensation on windows is a problem. Depending on where the beads of water are present, it may be worth addressing.

When condensation appears on the outside of your windows, that’s actually a sign they are functioning at a high level. Like morning dew, humidity and temperature differences result in water formations. If water pools up on the inside of your windows, this usually indicates a ventilation problem. It may be prudent to address your heating and cooling system to stop condensation on windows. But if you have condensation inside double glazing, between your window panes, there is likely a problem with the windows.

Condensation on windows on an Ontario home

Why Condensation Occurs Between Glass Panes

Homeowners are often surprised their windows have moisture pooling up between the panes. From the outside, they may look completely intact and show few, if any, signs of aging. But condensation between window panes is not necessarily a sign the products have exceeded their life expectancy. In fact, condensation inside double glazing typically indicates a structural deficiency or defect.

For moisture to infiltrate a multi-pane system, it requires a path. This is quite different than condensation on windows caused by steamy showers, air humidity, or differences between interior and outdoor temperatures. Seeing condensation between window panes means air gaps are present. It also means you will need to make major repairs or replace your windows.

Is Condensation Between Window Panes a Problem?

The short answer is: Yes. When condensation between window panes is present, it often means that there is an air leak caused by an inefficient seal. The otherwise nice-looking windows are driving up the monthly cost of owning a home.

Adding to the problem, such moisture can negatively affect the window frame, sills, and construction materials holding it in place. In some cases, mould can grow behind the walls.

It’s not uncommon for property owners to try repairing defective windows. A contractor can remove the panes, dry and sanitize them in between the panes, and recaulk the product. If the wood or construction materials have been compromised, this option is often a temporary fix. Too often, the same condensation problem rears its head again.  

Trust Brookstone Windows & Doors for High-Quality Replacement Windows

To ensure your windows are properly sealed, it’s important to trust professional window installers with the job. It’s a long-lasting solution that ensures that your home is sealed, draft-free, and energy efficient.

Brookstone Offers Lifetime Warranties on Windows in Southwestern Ontario

Brookstone Windows and Doors manufactures a complete line of windows that meet or exceed Energy Star Certification requirements and are backed by a lifetime warranty. If a Brookstone window begins to fog and is defective, we will replace it for free. If you are experiencing condensation between window panes, contact Brookstone Windows & Doors at an Ontario location near you.

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