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How to Winterize Your Exterior Doors
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How to Winterize Your Exterior Doors

Drafty windows and doors result in a home losing upwards of 40 percent of its energy efficiency. Knowing how to winterize your exterior doors is extremely important because, like it or not, that aging or misaligned door may be costing you more than it’s worth in unnecessary utility bills. If you are a homeowner who needs to winterize exterior doors seasonally, it may be time to invest in an upgrade. But until you are ready to make a money-saving change, it’s crucial to promptly winterize windows and doors.

An Ontario homeowner winterizing their exterior door with caulk

Why It’s Important to Winterize Exterior Doors

With cold weather approaching, the last thing you want is to feel the cool breeze blowing through the cracks in your front door. This not only is uncomfortable, but the need to run your heating more often may be costly in the long-run. Having to crank up the furnace or replenish logs and pellets in wood stoves is akin to burning cash, and the overuse of power needed to heat the house can negatively impact the environment.

How to Detect Air Leaks Around Exterior Doors

Identifying air leaks around your exterior door remains a relatively simple task. One way to easily notice larger leaks is to wait until dark and have someone shine a flashlight around the door while the lights are turned off inside the house. If you see light coming through seemingly small gaps, that equals an air draft.

Another way to find air leaks is by using a candle. Hold the flame near the outer edges of the door and then the frame. If the candle flickers, you have discovered an air leak. The good news for homeowners is that sealing door gaps for winter can be done by most handy do-it-yourselfers.

How to Seal Door Gaps in Winter

Fill Window Gaps

If you discover drafts coming through the door jamb, it may be prudent to fill the gaps using a caulking product. Press the compound into the spaces and wipe it close. You can circle back and lightly sand it to help the fix blend in later.

Seal Windows with Weather Stripping

One of the better approaches to seal a door for winter is by installing durable weather stripping. Many of these products have tape on one side and homeowners can stick long strands into affected areas. It’s not uncommon to weather-strip the entire frame around the drafty door for good measure. Securing the deadbolt at night can also help minimize air penetrations because it keeps the door securely in place when the wind blows.

Invest in Replacement Exterior Doors

Knowing how to winterize windows and doors is an excellent first step toward making your home more environmentally sustainable and saving money. This said, sometimes sealing the exterior door with weather stripping or caulk simply is not enough. Often, older doors are simply not designed with energy efficiency in mind, and it’s recommended to invest in insulated replacement exterior doors, like:

Brookstone Offers Energy Efficient Doors in Southwestern Ontario

Brookstone Windows and Doors manufactures a complete line of Canadian-made exterior doors. These industry-leading doors meet or exceed Energy Star Certification and are backed by a lifetime warranty. If you are experiencing exterior door drafts, contact Brookstone Windows & Doors at an Ontario location near you.

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