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Homeowner Tips: How to Maintain your Windows
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Homeowner Tips: How to Maintain your Windows

Learn how to maintain your home’s windows from Brookstone Windows & Doors

In general, the average homeowner doesn’t put a large amount of time into window care and maintenance, often because they’re not taught how to. With a wide range of household items to manage and maintain, homeowners often unknowingly neglect window maintenance, though knowing how to maintain your windows is essential in homeownership.

Homeowners often do not realize that window care and maintenance are necessary to increase window longevity and minimize heating and cooling losses. Subpar windows rank among the most prevalent reasons for unnecessarily high utility bills. By employing the following tips for maintaining your windows, homeowners can improve energy efficiency and prolong the product’s life expectancy.

1: Perform a Yearly Inspection of Windows

At Brookstone, we recommend homeowners perform a thorough inspection of the home’s windows each year, in conjunction with the assessment of other structural and mechanical elements of your home. This generally involves checking for roof leaks, exterior damage, plumbing deficiencies, frayed electrical wiring, stubborn doors, and ineffective window seals, among others. This assessment helps property owners identify problems and plan for necessary home improvement investments. 

In terms of a window evaluation, we recommend that homeowners examine the window for issues such as chipped paint, faulty caulking, cracked glass or broken seals when performing the inspection. Some easy ways to check the windows are by: 

  • Feeling around the edges of the window for cool drafts 
  • Opening and closing the windows to see if they operate smoothly 
  • Holding your palms toward the glass and assessing whether the products are properly insulating your home 

2: Check Window Jambs for Imperfections

A leaking or otherwise failing window may leave telltale signs on the jambs. You may discover water stains, warped mouldings, warped frames, or materials beginning to lift. We recommend also looking behind the windows to see if drywall or other materials are in decline. If so, it’s important to take proactive measures to secure the window and surrounding elements. If the window is beyond repair or you are not sure if it can be repaired, we recommend getting professional help from a quality window replacement specialist. 

3: Lubricate Window Tracks and Mechanic Elements Every Spring 

It’s generally a good practice to make window care and maintenance part of an annual spring-cleaning checklist. A smoothly operating window is more likely to last longer and incur fewer defects. Lubricating the moving parts helps reduce friction and wear. Assuming you have a spring home revitalization process, add window checks and lubrication to the list. This annual measure can help prolong the need to invest in window replacement. 

4: Clean Your Glass Panes Twice Annually 

Home and commercial property owners sometimes wait until dust and grit accumulate on windows before cleaning them. This seemingly “as-needed” philosophy allows harsh, airborne particles to build up and negatively impact the quality of the glass. 

Keep in mind that home heating systems sometimes generate acidic elements that land on roofs and windows. Coupled with spring pollen and dust, otherwise quality panes become opaque. By cleaning windows at least twice annually, you can maintain a clear view and maximize the natural light that infuses your living space. 

Quality Replacement Windows from Brookstone Windows & Doors 

While these tips for maintaining your windows encourage longevity, outdated products will eventually need to be replaced. If your existing windows are not effectively eliminating drafts, show signs of deterioration, or no longer provide crystal clear views, it may be time to consider window replacement. For more information about window replacement, contact Brookstone Windows and Doors today. 

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