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How to choose from the many window companies in Windsor
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How to choose from the many window companies in Windsor

There are many window companies in Windsor, so how do you choose which company you want to meet with? It’s not easy. Most window companies in Windsor spend a great deal on marketing. These marketing dollars are spent to encourage customers to meet with them. But before you choose to meet with one of the window companies in Windsor, you NEED to do your research! Call and ask questions. With that in-mind what type of questions should you ask window companies in Windsor?

  1. Remember that price is NOT most important. Price is generally based on square footage. When asking for a price over the phone the best you can get is a “ballpark”. This is not accurate, and doesn’t actually tell you what you’re getting for the price.
  2. Who is installing the windows? This is VERY important. Generally window companies in Windsor may utilize installation crews with little or no experience to keep costs down. It is very important that the windows and doors are sealed, caulked and installed correctly. Lack of experience, or cutting corners in the installation process will significantly reduce the lifespan of your new windows.
  3. Do they take a deposit? In the window and door industry it is common for companies to request a deposit upfront. However, in recent years companies have suddenly closed their doors. In these cases people have lost thousands in deposits. You want to make sure that the company you do business with is financially sounds. Not asking for a deposit upfront is a good way to validate this.
  4. What type of warranty do they offer? This may be the most important thing to ask. In the window and door industry it is common for companies to offer a “lifetime” warranty. However, the warranty generally only covers potential issues that are very unlikely to happen. BUT, include “conditions” and “exclusions” for any issues that ARE likely to happen. Make sure to ask, “what is not covered under the warranty?” This will protect you from potential pitfalls after the windows are installed and the money is paid.

With all of the window companies in Windsor to choose from, make sure to ask the right question. This could mean the difference between replacing your windows once in 25 years rather than once every five!

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