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How Energy Efficient Windows Help Your Home During Winter Months
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How Energy Efficient Windows Help Your Home During Winter Months

Homeowners with aging windows are often well aware that inefficiency in their house can result in energy loss. Outdated panes and grilles on windows in a home also detract from otherwise beautiful views. But not many people realize that industry-leading energy efficient windows can effectively cover the cost of installation. That’s because the return on investment runs as high as 70 percent on energy efficient windows. While you are living in your home, the cost of heating the space during the frigid winter months can be significantly reduced.

An Ontario home with energy-efficient windows

The Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows During the Winter

Along with the return on investment homeowners gain from installing energy efficient windows, studies indicate poorly designed and insulated models result in a 30-percent home heating loss each winter. Using simple math to estimate how much those losses are costing annually, coupled with the 70 percent return on investment, it’s easy to see why so many homeowners prioritize energy efficient window home improvements. If the cost-effectiveness of new windows isn’t inspiring enough, these rank among the other benefits of energy efficient windows deliver during winter.

New Windows Protect Against Harmful UV Rays

Old, single-pane windows were not necessarily designed with harmful sunlight in mind. The conventional approach once revolved allowing as much sunlight as possible into a living space. Homeowners and builders saw the large, relatively thin glass as a natural light boon. Fortunately, science helped raise awareness about UV rays, and high-quality windows now filter them out.

Energy Efficient Window Installations Eliminate Drafts

It’s important for homeowners to understand that cold air does not necessarily seep through the panes or grilles. The most common place drafts enter the home is through the jamb, header, or under the sill. The best energy efficient windows on the market today are designed to close those gaps when professionally installed. Everyday people can improve the peaceful enjoyment of being home by installing quality windows.

Energy Efficient Windows Provide Health Benefits

Inferior window products are prone to condensation building up on the panes and grilles. This moisture quietly pools and drips down into the sill and dampens objects it touches. With homeowners running the heating system through the winter, this becomes a perfect scenario for hazardous mould growth. Few people realize they are experiencing mould illnesses until they discover it.   

Brookstone Offers Energy-Star Certified Windows in Southwestern Ontario

Brookstone Windows and Doors manufactures a complete line of windows that meet or exceed Energy Star Certification requirements. The wide range of styles are 100 percent Canadian-made, using virgin PVC and fusion-welded, insulated frames. If you are considering lowering utility bills and getting a sizeable return on investment, contact Brookstone Windows & Doors at an Ontario location near you.

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