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Choosing a Window Replacement Company
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Choosing a Window Replacement Company

Are you looking for the right window replacement company to handle your next home improvement project? In the replacement windows business, there are many options for companies throughout Southwestern, Ontario. Making sure you carefully choose a qualified window replacement company that you trust and want to work is important, otherwise it may cost you significantly more than you anticipated.

Questions to Ask Your Window Replacement Company

When selecting a replacement window company, make sure to ask:

  1. What types of windows do they offer?
  2. Are they offering vinyl replacement windows or another material?
  3. Who does the window replacement or installation?
  4. Are the installers covered under WSIB and insurance liability?
  5. What type of warranties do they offer for their window installations?

Work with Brookstone for Quality Replacement Windows

At Brookstone Windows and Doors, we will ensure that you receive the absolute best. The quality of vinyl replacement window product available on the market today vary. We carefully do our research so our customers can rely on us and our products. We inspect all of our replacement windows to confirm:

  • what material they are using
  • the window frames are rigid and strong
  • the windows are durable and long lasting
  • the windows are Canadian made
  • the seals for the glass are the best quality available on the market.

Brookstone Window Replacement Professionals

When we meet with you, you will be able to see just how much we care about providing you with high-quality and durable replacement windows. We will provide you with window samples to show you exactly how the windows are made. From looking at a corner sample of the window to selecting a window glass option, we work with you to ensure that your window replacement project is exactly what you were looking for. We will even walk you through how our window installers do the job. When choosing a window replacement company, Brookstone will provide quality window installations and replacements.

Our installers are all WSIB and Insurance liability covered and of course, we offer the best no-nonsense warranty in the replacement window business!

Please contact us for a free consultation to learn more about our Southwestern Ontario window replacement company.

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