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Personalize Your Home With these Front Door Glass Styles
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Personalize Your Home With these Front Door Glass Styles

Your front door welcomes people to your home, and when you opt for exterior front doors with glass, you get to see out into the world as well. There are many different types of front door glass styles, and at Brookstone Windows and Doors, we are committed to helping you find the best option for your home. Whether you want

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Guide to Choosing an Entry Door

Choosing the right entry door is important. Your front door welcomes people to your home, but it also keeps out the elements and improves your security. You need a door that complements your home’s exterior but also stands the test of time. Thinking about front door replacement? Or, are you wondering which door is right for your home? Then, check

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What is Low-E Glass?

At Brookstone Windows & Doors, we are committed to providing our clients with the most attractive and energy-efficient windows and doors. As part of that mission, we offer windows with low-e coatings on our windows, but what exactly is low-e glass? Our low-e windows feature a special coating that stops infrared and ultraviolet light from passing through the window without

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The Difference Between Steel and Fibreglass Doors

When it comes to replacement exterior doors, steel and fibreglass are two of the most popular options. When deciding on the best option, homeowners often wonder, what is the difference between steel and fibreglass doors? Our experts are here to help you explore these options and help you decide what is best for your home.  Deciding Between Steel and Fibreglass

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The Best Time to Replace Your Front Door

Your front door is the entry to your home. It welcomes guests and keeps out the elements, but over time, it can start to degrade and wear down. At Brookstone Windows & Doors, we understand the value of your front door, and we want to ensure your door meets your home’s needs.  Wondering the best time to replace your front

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Should I Replace All of My Windows at the Same Time?

It’s a common question that many homeowners ask when they’re looking at estimates for residential window replacement on their properties – and for good reason. After all, window replacement represents a significant investment and if only a few windows in your home need to be replaced, you could be spending money unnecessarily. The good news is that it’s fairly easy

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Homeowner Tips: How to Maintain your Windows

In general, the average homeowner doesn’t put a large amount of time into window care and maintenance, often because they’re not taught how to. With a wide range of household items to manage and maintain, homeowners often unknowingly neglect window maintenance, though knowing how to maintain your windows is essential in homeownership. Homeowners often do not realize that window care

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Is It Better to Repair or Replace Windows?

Cracked glass? Foggy windowpane? Rotted casing? Windows are prone to their share of problems over time, however, that doesn’t necessarily always mean that they need to be replaced. While new windows are likely to enhance your home’s curb appeal and improve its energy efficiency and sound insulation properties, they’re also likely to come at an added cost. So, when do

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When Is the Best Time to Replace Your Windows in Ontario?

Preparing for the time when your home needs window replacements can be stressful. Our team at Brookstone Windows and Doors knows this, and we offer professional help with replacing windows throughout the year. Still, you might wonder about the best time of year to replace your windows in Ontario. Professional Year-Round Window Installations Though warmer weather makes for an easier

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The Best Window Types for More Natural Light

Natural lighting is an often-sought-after feature in a home. It makes for a warmer and inviting living space and is a way to bring the outdoors in. If you’re looking to increase the natural lighting in your home, consider a consultation with the leading local experts in windows and doors, Brookstone. Energy-Efficient Bay Windows If you have never seen the

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