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Patio Door Replacement in Chatham, ON
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Patio Door Replacement in Chatham, ON

Thursday, August 31, 2017 by Gina Tonial

Challenges in Patio Door Replacements

For this unique project in Chatham, the client was looking to expand the width of their door, requiring a patio door replacement and frame expansion. After evaluating the state of the existing door, we observed that we had three major challenges we had to overcome in order to complete this project:

1. Converting a small single man door opening into a 5ft patio sliding door opening.

2. The entire opening is framed in for a single 3ft man door which now has to be converted to 5ft. We have to re-frame and support the wall in-order for everything to operate properly

3. The existing opening on the outside is all siding and the inside is drywall

Brookstone’s Exterior Renovation Solution

1. Expanding the Door Opening

To start the process of the renovation, we had to get our measurements and make sure we have the correct opening requirements for the patio door. Once we had our measurements confirmed we began prepping the cut-in opening. To accommodate for the new, larger patio door, we had to cut past the opening of the old door as we needed to install king studs on both sides of the new door and a proper header above the door for support. By doing this, we prevent such issues as warping, leakage and other potential performance problems. We cut the opening using a professional grade mason saw to get a very accurate cut line. Once cut-in, we framed the door in its new larger size and began preparing the sill plate. The sill plate is an extremely important as it supports the door from the bottom (base). We ran 2×10’s below to be extra careful so that the door never warps or dips in the opening like the old door we were replacing. We then installed the patio door into the new frame.

2. Insulate the New Patio Door

After increasing the size of the door, we had to make sure that everything is insulated and sealed properly! We used low-expansion spray foam (polyurethane) around the entire opening to make sure everything is insulated. We do this both on the inside, the outside and in behind the jamb to ensure there is no way that any cold air will travel around the new door. In addition to insulating the home, the polyurethane insulation is anti-fungal so that mold and mildew will not develop around the door either!

3. Completing the Patio Door Replacement

Once the patio door was insulated, we began the finishing details of the project. Along the inside of the home, we installed new drywall. We mudded, sanded and prepped the drywall so all the customer had to do was paint! On the exterior of the home we had the issue siding, as we were unable to get the same siding and colour tone to match what was existing on the home. To resolve this, we used wide aluminum flashing all the way around the exterior opening. It turned out beautifully because the white capping matched the new door perfectly! And, with the flashing, we ended up stepping the cap into a double bend and it gave the door a beautiful rich finish!

Upon completion of the project, the customers were very thrilled with how everything turned out! The new 5ft door completely transformed the space and greatly improved the access to their back yard. And, because the new patio door doesn’t swing into the home, it gave them much more floor space in their home, as well as more natural light.

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