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Front Entry Door Replacement in Windsor, ON
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Front Entry Door Replacement in Windsor, ON

Wednesday, January 11, 2017 by Gina Tonial


On the inside of the front door, the door appeared square, but visually on the outside the door was off set. In addition, the entire frame was rotted so we have to fix not just the door frame, but the entire wall frame both in and out. Luckily all of these issues were discovered upon a second measure, which ensured the installation teams preparedness for materials required and scope of work well in advance.


The first thing we did is make the door bigger both height and width. Visually this gives the impression the door was centered better in the opening. In addition, by increasing the size of the door, the customer now has the opportunity to bring stuff In and out much easier. We still, however, had the imbalance on the outside. In order to solve this, we used hardy board hybrid siding placed horizontally around the one side of the door. By doing this we broke the vertical line of the door giving the impression that the door is centered. We used hardy board because the wood frame was so rotten a cemented composite material would give our customer the look and the durability that we just can’t achieve with wood. Lastly, to tie the door to the hardy board, we decided to use a hardy board frame on the exterior instead of aluminum flashing. So all the texture, finish and tones would match. Now the custom craftsman door we installed fit properly giving the impression of a traditional wood door paying tribute to the age and character of the home. The best part about this project is that the door is composite and the frame is composite – which means there is absolutely no work or effort required in order to maintain the door by the customers after the fact.

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