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Custom Patio Door Installation in Windsor, ON
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Custom Patio Door Installation in Windsor, ON

Wednesday, January 11, 2017 by Gina Tonial

Challenges in Custom Door Installations

For this home renovation in Windsor, the client was looking to replace an old and rotting patio window with a door, requiring a custom patio door installation. After evaluating the state of the existing door, we observed that we had three major challenges we had to overcome in order to complete this project:

1. Converting an old, rotted wood window to a flat 10’ patio door: In order to do this we had to re-work the whole frame and header system to accommodate for a patio Door.

2. Entire opening is in brick, and it is too small for the patio door. Requiring significant brick work and support for the door to work.

3. The window is finished inside with plaster that has been badly damaged and warn over the years.

Brookstone’s Patio Door Renovation Solution

1. Removing the Old Window

Before installing the new patio door, we needed to cut out the old window. For this we used one of our gas powered mason saws and carefully cut the brick opening to match the patio door opening required. With that said, we carefully cut the line for the door along the mortar joint of the brick, so that there was no brick re-pointing required. This saved the Windsor customer over $600 in brick repair costs they would have had to incur!

2. Adding Support Beams Above New Patio Door

Then once the opening was exposed, we cut the old, damaged plaster above the door high enough so we could install a proper header. The header required a door system in a specific size according to the building code was a Beam style header. The beam supports the weight around the doors and wall which will allow the new patio doors to always slide and operate properly without risk of bowing or warping.

3. Preparing for Patio Door Installation

After installing the beam header in preparation for the installation of the new patio doors, we then strapped the frame for the door to support and hold the door in properly. We used “king-stud” formation to box in the door for added support. Then we built a sill-plate below where the door threshold will sit and installed a cement pre-formed Angelstone sill along the entire base of the door. This Sill looks beautiful and saved the customer hundreds in brickwork costs they would have had to otherwise spend.

4. Installing the New Patio Doors

After the general structure was built, we set the door into the opening before any finishing work was to be completed. This was important because we had to make sure we knew the required finished opening dimensions so the drywall would fit properly. The issue in this project was the opening was not properly square so this way we could cheat the drywall and make it appear like the door is perfectly square and plumb. To the naked eye, the door looked like it was always there, and the Windsor homeowners were absolutely ecstatic about the appearance.

On the exterior we now had the opening we needed to cap and seal. We ripped down custom brickmold and installed it to reinforce the entire door structure from the outside while providing additional water and air seal. We then custom capped the door and stepped the flashing to give the exterior a crown molding effect.

5. Completing the Patio Door Custom Installation

To finish the project, the team did three coats of mud and sand to the drywall so it was perfectly flush and finished against the old plaster and at the same time improved the overall appearance of the entire wall!

The customers were very thrilled with how everything turned out! The new 10ft door system completely transformed the space inside and out, giving a completely open concept feeling inside, and balance on the exterior.

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