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Bow Window Replacement in Windsor, Ontario
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Bow Window Replacement in Windsor, Ontario

Thursday, January 12, 2017 by Gina Tonial

Home Improvement Challenge

This Windsor, Ontario homeowner had a completely rotted bay window with custom cap and based. This window was completely rotted beyond our expectations. We had to re-build the structural bay onsite after realizing that it is completely rotted. The problem was not just to rebuild the structure, roof, and base, but we also needed to find a solution for the custom copper cap that was originally on the bay window. The customer requested to keep the copper cap specifically.

Window Replacement Solution

Once we arrived on site and began to remove the original bay window, we realized just how bad the rot had extended into the structure of the bay. The damage was extensive almost to the inside structure of the home. In addition, the actual copper skirt that was originally there was fused right into the frame of the bay! This was extremely difficult for us because when we began removing the skirt it was damaged in the process.

After the removal, we had to custom design a completely new bay window, with new base and roof in-order to complete the installation. The blueprint was designed to specifications taking into consideration the need to design and rebuild a completely new cap. After the blueprint was done, we quickly had to create new material lists for the project. The window installation manager was onsite to assist so while the crew was starting to re-frame, he was able to get all of the materials needed. Secondly, the installation manager met with the customer to discuss options for the cap. After careful discussion, the customer agreed on changing it to a new and more modern design of an aluminum coated reinforced cap with square lines and beautiful brown finish. With the additional damage and repair required, we realized that the project will now require two additional days to complete.

Luckily, we were able to draw an additional crew onsite (from another project we completed early that week) along with the installation manager and another helper. With six window replacement professionals on-site, materials purchased and game plan together, we were able to complete the repair/rebuild and finishing in reasonable time. The customers were very happy with final outcome and expressed it was a blessing that we re-finished the cap because of how wonderful everything turned out!

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