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The Best Window Types for More Natural Light
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The Best Window Types for More Natural Light

Natural lighting is an often-sought-after feature in a home. It makes for a warmer and inviting living space and is a way to bring the outdoors in. If you’re looking to increase the natural lighting in your home, consider a consultation with the leading local experts in windows and doors, Brookstone.

Energy-Efficient Bay Windows

Energy efficient bay windows to increase natural light from Brookstone Windows & Doors

If you have never seen the amount of light that expansive bay windows let into a house, know it is an absolute must to experience their aesthetics and how they brighten a home. When you are considering purchasing new or replacement windows for your home, consider the value of energy-efficient bay windows. Not only do bay windows add space by brightening a room, but they are also energy efficient with insulated frames, saving you up to 15 percent on energy costs.

Double-Hung Windows

Increase a home’s natural light with double-hung windows from Brookstone Windows & Doors

Similar to bay windows, double-hung windows offer a substantial light increase for your home. They are the most popular type of window in North America, and as far as natural light home solutions go, double-hung windows are ideal. They are designed to open from both the top and bottom simultaneously, increasing air flow and temperature control, allowing hot air to escape through the top window, while cool air can enter through the bottom. Furthermore, because both sashes can tilt inward, cleaning these windows is quick and easy and can be done from inside your home. Consider Brookstone’s double-hung windows to increase your home’s natural light and curb appeal, while making your home more energy efficient.

Picture Windows

Increase a home’s natural light with picture windows from Brookstone Windows & Doors

A third option for brightening your home with new or replacement windows is to choose picture windows. They are perfect for large, open rooms because they let light stream in and supply picturesque views of the outdoors. Picture windows are fixed windows that don’t slide or swing open, making them highly energy efficient. Our picture windows can be custom-made to match any room or cater to any design or upgraded to maximize the energy efficiency with double-pane glass.  

100% Canadian-Made Windows & Doors 

When working with Brookstone, you can be assured that your new window or door is quality, and made to last, as our suppliers manufacture all our products entirely in Canada. Explore our window options or choose a fully customized window or door with unique colour, stain, style, and size options available to suit your home.  

For more information about enhancing the natural lighting in your home, contact the team at Brookstone Windows and Doors today. 

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