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When Is the Best Time to Replace Your Windows in Ontario?
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When Is the Best Time to Replace Your Windows in Ontario?

Best time of year to replace windows in Ontario

Preparing for the time when your home needs window replacements can be stressful. Our team at Brookstone Windows and Doors knows this, and we offer professional help with replacing windows throughout the year. Still, you might wonder about the best time of year to replace your windows in Ontario.

Professional Year-Round Window Installations

Though warmer weather makes for an easier window replacement process, a reputable window installation team like our experienced window installers at Brookstone will provide a quick and professional installation, no matter the time of year. While there are several factors to consider when planning for a new window installation, especially in cooler climates like we see in Ontario, window replacement projects can be done year-round, though there are notable benefits of scheduling a window installation or replacement in different seasons.

Installing Windows in the Spring/Summer

Benefits of Warm Weather Window Installations

Replacing windows can be time-consuming, so installation in the warmer months is typically preferred. Planning for a spring or summer window installation can benefit homeowners by avoiding the need to pump your heater at a higher temperature in your home to stay warm. Another benefit of a window installation in the spring and summer is that certain types of window caulk is better applied in warm weather, allowing for better adhesion and durability.  

Brookstone’s Window Installation Recommendations

While you may have an easier time replacing your home’s windows in the spring or summer, it does not mean that replacing them in the fall or winter is impossible. We recommend finding a reputable window installer, like our experts at Brookstone, that will be able to complete the window installation at almost any time of year with care and quality.

Installing Windows in the Fall/Winter

If you need a replacement window in the fall or winter, there is no reason you must wait. Since the warmer season is a popular time for window installations, the colder season often means shorter wait times for installations. During the installation process, the team at Brookstone Windows and Doors will take necessary precautions to reduce your home’s heat loss for installations that take place during the colder months. So, know that getting a window replaced in the off months means the schedule you wish for more than spring or summer can deliver as efficiently.

The Best Time of Year for Window Installations: The Verdict

No matter what season you wish to replace your home windows, you might face the need to replace them at any point in the year. The window replacement experts at Brookstone Windows and Doors have you covered, and will install windows with care at any time of the year. Often, we recommend scheduling window replacements in the spring, summer or early fall, but when these times of year don’t work for your schedule, the Brookstone team is well equipped to handle any winter window installations.

All Season Window Installations by Brookstone Windows and Doors

Looking to replace your home windows or eager to book a window installation? Our expert team is here to help! To learn more about the replacement windows, contact us today, or visit one of our showrooms to see our products in person and speak with a helpful representative.

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