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What are the Best Basement Windows?
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What are the Best Basement Windows?

Remodelling your home’s lower level is not complete unless it includes the best basement windows possible. A dimly lit living space can make a home feel confined. But a quality basement window replacement infuses the space with natural light and energizes the vibe. If you are considering a remodelling project, or the current panes and frames are outdated, knowing the benefits and best basement windows to install can help you make an informed decision.

Basement windows installed in a home in Southwestern Ontario

Common Types of Basement Windows

There are several types of basement windows that are prevalent in lower-floor living spaces. Deciding which style to select involves the way it fits the overall décor, functionality, and energy efficiency. These are popular basement window replacement options.

Awning Basement Windows

This style of basement window usually opens from the bottom outward to provide ventilation. Its ability to open from the bottom makes it suitable in light rain or snow. However, awning basement windows are also known for locking out moisture and climate control benefits.

Casement Windows

Ranked among the more energy-efficient options, these tall basement windows generally have hinges and open outward. This style delivers ample natural light and above-average fresh air. Many are large enough to use as egress windows, which may be legally required when exit doors are not an option.

Hopper Basement Windows

Considered a go-to model, Hopper basement windows typically run 1-2 feet high and 2.5-3 feet wide and open inward. They are excellent choices when the area between the foundation and the first floor offers limited space. The best basement windows in this class can be opened quickly and used for egress in an emergency.

Sliding Basement Windows

Considered a suitable alternative to casement windows, in terms of egress, these dual-pane models are easy to clean and energy efficient. Due to only one glass pane sliding, they offer limited ventilation.

The Benefits of Installing New Basement Windows

The best windows for a basement living space complete the overall décor. Unlike old cellar-style models that rest on the foundation, providing a crack of light and a small screen for ventilation, contemporary basement windows complete the room. They also deliver the following homeowner benefits.

Emergency Exits

Egress windows help keep loved ones safe in the event of a fire, gas leak, or another emergency. These large windows may have attached ladders or open to a level outdoor area suitable for evacuation. When larger basement windows are added to a home, like an egress window, as a homeowner, you can legally call your basement “bonus room” a bedroom, improving the resale value of your home.

Reduce Condensation

More than a few homeowners run dehumidifiers during hot, humid months. But the best windows for a basement support enhanced climate control. Keeping moisture out reduces the risk of mould growth.

Interior Décor

The best basement windows provide the aesthetic enhancements that bring a room together. Today’s top-of-the-line products are equally as attractive as the windows used in the living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms upstairs.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency also ranks among the top basement window replacement benefits property owners consider. With the right multi-pane products installed, utility bills decline.

Contact Brookstone Windows & Doors for the Best Basement Windows

If you are planning a remodelling project or outdated models require basement window replacement, our experienced professionals can help you select the right product for your living space. For more information about basement window replacement or to request a quote, contact Brookstone Windows and Doors today.

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