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What are the Benefits of an Energy Star Window?
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What are the Benefits of an Energy Star Window?

When the time comes to replace inefficient windows, homeowners typically weigh the pros and cons of various products. But the Energy Star label distinguishes a line from others, guaranteeing that they are among the most energy efficient windows. Once you know what it means to earn an Energy Star certification and the benefits these top-rated windows offer, the decision is simple.

Man installing an Energy Star certified window in an Ontario home

What is an Energy Star Certification?

For a product to receive an Energy Star certification, manufacturers must prove it meets the necessary specifications of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The certification, recognized in Canada and the United States, can be earned only after rigorous testing and evaluation.

The Energy Star Certification recognizes that a product, home, building, or industrial facility has met the necessary requirements and has been proved to consume less energy and lower emissions that can contribute to climate change.

Key Benefits of an Energy Star Window

Having a new set of Energy Star certified windows ranks among the most cost-effective investments homeowners can make. The estimated return on investment from a quality window installation hovers above 70 percent. There are also other cost drivers that make installing top-tier windows a lucrative proposition. These are benefits you can anticipate from energy efficient windows.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

We all want to do our part to reduce carbon emissions and build a cleaner environment. Energy Star windows reduce the use of home heating fuels by as much as 12 percent. That means you are reducing your carbon footprint by 12 percent by selecting these windows.

Reduce Monthly Bills

The same reasoning holds true for the 12 percent reduction in fuel consumption. Consider how much you pay for home heating over the course of a year. Energy Star windows are effectively putting that amount back into your bank account each and every year going forward.

UV Ray Protection

Although people generally think of harmful UV rays as causing sunburn, they also have an impact on personal property. The harsh rays tend to cause rugs, furniture, and other items to yellow and fade. Energy Star windows are like putting on sunscreen to protect your personal property.

Improved Home Comfort

It’s no secret that drafty, outdated windows make people feel uncomfortable. The unannounced chills prompt people to stay away from windows during the cold-weather months. Replacing them with energy efficient models allows you to sit where you like and enjoy the view.

Brookstone Offers Energy Star Certified Windows

Brookstone Windows and Doors manufactures a complete line of Canadian-made windows that meet or exceed Energy Star Certification requirements and are backed by a lifetime warranty. If are considering upgrading, contact Brookstone Windows & Doors at an Ontario location near you.

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