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The Best Bathroom Windows to Improve Ventilation
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The Best Bathroom Windows to Improve Ventilation

Rarely do home builders install the best bathroom windows to provide natural light and properly ventilate the space. The conventional wisdom is that small windows are better suited for privacy. But there seems to be no persuasive argument for having a bathroom window that doesn’t adequately allow shower steam and odours to escape or enough fresh air to enter. If one of the most used rooms in your house lacks natural light and free-flowing fresh air, it’s time to consider bathroom replacement windows. 

Why Bathrooms Need Well-Ventilated Windows

Building codes typically do not require bathrooms to have ventilation fans if there is a window in the bathroom. Even homes with them cannot keep pace with shower steam to prevent mould. These hazardous growths thrive in warm, moist, dark environments, particularly under sinks, shower curtains, and behind walls. 

If your bathroom does not have a ventilation fan, combating mould calls for a window that provides effective airflow. If you notice water beads on the walls after a shower, that’s a telltale sign you have a problem. The solution is a bathroom window replacement that allows adequate fresh air to enter the space.   

Top Window Options for a Bathroom

While moisture remains a major concern for homeowners, it’s also important to note that the best bathroom windows minimize odours. These rank among the top bathroom replacement windows for improved airflow. 

Awning Windows

Awning windows deliver top-tier bathroom ventilation, particularly when installed toward the top of a wall. These products open by the bottom swinging outward, making them ideal options even when weather conditions are not. When selecting an awning bathroom window replacement based on its functionality, homeowners are pleasantly surprised they come in a variety of sizes and designs. 

Slider Windows

Sliding windows are popular bathroom window replacement choices because they have the ability to maximize fresh air. They can be installed as single sliding windows, double-sliders, or be customized to fit your unique space. Today’s sliders can also move vertically or horizontally, making them easy to keep clean. 

Casement Windows

In terms of full ventilation, casement designs could easily be placed at the top of any best bathroom windows list. That’s because casement windows are hinged on one side and crank open from top to bottom. This design lets you open the window completely or crack it to a comfortable level when necessary. 

Double Hung Windows

Unlike single-hung windows with only one moving sash, double-hung windows allow you to slide the bottom portion up or the top down. This design provides enhanced ventilation flexibility that allows hot air to escape from the top or cool, fresh air to enter from the bottom. In many ways, these bathroom replacement windows offer the best of both worlds’ ventilation solutions. 

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At Brookstone Windows & Doors, we manufacture and install leading made in Canada bathroom windows that provide superior ventilation and natural light. If you are considering a bathroom window replacement, contact us today to schedule a free consultation at your Southwestern Ontario home! 

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